Why You Should Get Your Next Pair of Jeans from Fitted Underground

first_img Portion Control: The Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market Editors’ Recommendations The Best Black Jeans to Have You Stepping Out in Style 10 Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Right Now “I’ve just gone through this really slow, gradual process,” John said, noting that his attention on construction, fit, quality and an affordable price point (pairs of Fitted Underground denim start at $225).Fitted Underground jeans feature rivets and buttons sourced from New Jersey and thread from Georgia. Other touches include a neat camo interior waistband,  cotton herringbone pocket linings, and a recently updated back pocket stitching design that pays homage to the Brooklyn Bridge.The more jeans he crafts, the more John develops a deeper appreciation for the craft — as do his clients, some of whom purchase multiple pairs in the span of a few weeks. “You build a relationship with denim … an understanding,” he elaborates.Those looking to find a stylish pair of perfectly fitted denim can either head to the brand’s website where you provide your own measurements or get fitted at the Brooklyn workshop. The space is filled with sewing machines John bought from a factory in the Bronx. Eric John’s path to starting Fitted Underground, a four-year-old upstart making standout custom jeans,was anything but conventional. A former physics and math teacher, John’s background includes time in the Peace Corps and he finance industry — hardly the regular route to launching a denim brand.It was John’s time in the money world that led him to get fitted for a custom suit, which changed his outlook on denim and sparked an epiphany.“Wouldn’t it be cool if all my clothes fit so well?” John asked on a recent afternoon at the brand’s workshop. That realization led John to take private sewing lessons, followed by a stint in pattern-making and fashion classes at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology  and an eventual departure from his day job to start Brooklyn-based Fitted Underground (named for both the word-of-mouth reputation of the business and its underground location in a Williamsburg warehouse). What Is the Best Jean Style for You? “It had a life of its own,” John says of his approach to making the best custom denim for men. As a former soccer player, finding the right jeans — for him, with a tapered fit and room to move in the thigh —was tough for John. A custom approach was the only way to go, and his customers tend to agree.Fitted Underground is a one-man operation that takes time and care, but the denim — including dark blue selvedge, twill pants, and clean double black denim — can be worn with nearly anything. The number of pants John produces per month depends on the orders that roll in, but the focus on getting each pair right remains the same. Raleigh Denim Workshop Makes Jeans with Artistry and Ingenuity in the U.S.A. last_img read more

4H Members Learning Showing Livestock Skills

first_imgThe next generation of farmers are learning the finer points of livestock showmanship and herd management. Seventy 4-H members from across the Atlantic provinces are taking part in the 22nd annual Eastern Breeders Incorporated (EBI) Showcase where they will learn livestock skills and practice showmanship when they show animals to the public. “The 4-H program teaches the livestock management skills young people can use on the family farm or as leaders in the agricultural community,” said John MacDonell, Minister of Agriculture. “The EBI Showcase helps 4-H members learn the resourcefulness, responsibility and work ethic needed for the next generation of dairy farmers and beef producers.” Department of Agriculture 4-H co-ordinators and EBI experts will teach 4-H members the latest techniques in showing beef and dairy cattle, livestock judging, clipping, marketing, showmanship, display design, milk record keeping and herd health and management. The event is taking place at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Grounds in Bible Hill on June 26-28. After two days for training, 4-H members will show their calves at the beef and dairy show Tuesday, June 28, at 9:30 a.m. Awards will be presented for showmanship, animal form conformation and for excellence in session work. Dale MacPhee, EBI’s Atlantic area manager, said the showcase is an opportunity for 4-H members to apply their motto of learning to do by doing. “We have seen many people have very successful careers in agriculture and other related fields after taking part in the showcase,” said Mr. MacPhee. “We are fortunate to have some past members come back and work with us as team leaders, judges and assistants. By inviting successful individuals back, they provide great role models for the new or younger members.” 4-H members who are 14 years of age and have at least two years experience with dairy and beef projects can take part in the showcase. “We could not put on this event without the generous support of Nova Scotia 4-H, event leaders and sponsors. Their expertise and commitment to 4-H continues to be critical to the growth and ongoing success of the EBI Showcase,” said Paul Stewart, EBI’s supervisor of genetic programs and communications. “Youth programs are a core focus for EBI and we are proud to host this event for our Atlantic breeders.”last_img read more

Over 150 Mosques Open Their Doors to NonMuslims in the UK

Casablanca – Over 150 mosques across the UK held an open day for non-Muslims in the UK on Sunday to explain the basic pillars of Islam and showcase social projects that include charity.After several mosques in Canada organized an open-day for Canadians, following the deadly shooting that targeted the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec, mosques across the UK opened their doors to the British public on Sunday. The initiative, dubbed Visit My Mosque Day 2017, was part of an initiative of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to bring members of different faiths together and this year’s edition is the third.According to the MCB, the initiative makes an attempt at “transcending the negative news in the media (about Muslims), and provide access to the citizens of Britain, in order to explain the Islamic belief to them and introduce them to Muslims.” 150 mosques took part from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, including cities with large Muslim populations as well as small mosques in areas populated by few Muslims.During this open day, the mosques exhibited boards explaining the basic concepts of Islam. As well, they distributed leaflets with information about Islam. Social action projects were showcased, involving food distribution, homelessness and other social issues.This year’s edition coincides with the rising sentiment of Islamophobia in the world, nurtured by Donald Trump’s “irresponsible” statement against the Muslim community in the US during the previous US election campaign, and exacerbated by his executive order banning Muslims from 7 countries to enter the US.Speaking about this, Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain in charge of the Visit My Mosque Day event, said: “As the world recoils at President Trump’s so called ‘Muslim Ban’ and the mass killing at a mosque in Canada, [Visit My Mosque day] is a much-needed antidote to the poisonous atmosphere we find ourselves in.”Khan added that the event represented an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK “to come together and renew bonds of friendship.”Marking this year’s edition was the presence of Jeremy Corbyn. The prominent British politician and current Leader of the Labour Party visited the Finsbury Park Mosque. On the occasion, he told the Telegraph that “It is very important to show that we are a multi-faith society.”Corbyn said that he had been visiting the same mosque for decades and praised its organizers for the social causes they promote in the area, such as helping the homeless. read more

Microsoft to invest 1 billion in partnership with OpenAI

Advocacy groups and policy makers have raised concerns about some types of AI and called for regulation to increase transparency, guard against bias and ensure the technology isn’t used for military purposes and other dangerous applications. Those issues are likely to become more pressing as researchers try to develop AI that has more human-like capabilities.In February, OpenAI unveiled an algorithm that can write coherent sentences, including fake news articles, after being given just a small sample. The implications were so worrying that the group opted not to release the most powerful version of the software.The partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI will focus on Artificial General Intelligence, which aims to get computers to learn new skills and complete varied tasks like humans can. That’s a contrast to existing AI, which can learn specific jobs, such as understanding images, but can’t tackle different problems on its own.AGI, and the ability for computers to potentially teach themselves so much they eclipse humans, was what disturbed Musk so much that he helped found OpenAI. On Monday, Microsoft and OpenAI addressed such concerns.“The creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity,” said Sam Altman, chief executive officer of OpenAI. “It’s crucial that AGI is deployed safely and securely and that its economic benefits are widely distributed. We are excited about how deeply Microsoft shares this vision.”Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the goal is to “democratize AI — while always keeping AI safety front and centre — so everyone can benefit.” Microsoft and OpenAI said the work will be governed by both companies’ AI ethics policies.Microsoft is also looking for more Azure cloud customers and for ways to promote Azure’s AI capabilities, so a tie-up with a leading research arm in the field is lucrative. The two organizations will use Microsoft’s work on supercomputers to build technology in Azure that has the scale to train and run more sophisticated AI models.Other OpenAI investors include the charitable foundation of LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and venture capital firm Khosla Ventures. Other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who started OpenAI include Hoffman and Altman, co-founder and former president of startup incubator Y Combinator.Bloomberg.com Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures/Handout via Reuters Microsoft Corp. agreed to invest US$1 billion in a partnership with research group OpenAI, gaining a prominent cloud-computing customer from the artificial intelligence field.OpenAI, co-founded by Elon Musk and other wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud services to train and run the group’s AI software. The two will also jointly develop supercomputing technology, and Microsoft will be OpenAI’s preferred partner to commercialize its creations, the companies said in a statement on Monday.OpenAI started in 2015 with much fanfare. Industry luminaries including Musk and Peter Thiel committed at least US$1 billion to the nonprofit to build AI that could match or improve on the technology being developed by tech giants such as Google, Facebook Inc. and Microsoft. However, Musk said he left OpenAI’s board last year over disagreements about some of the group’s plans. More recently, OpenAI started a for-profit arm to help it raise more money. Artificial intelligence learns from professional gamers — and then crushes them Microsoft Ventures invests in Montreal-based, artificial intelligence-focused startup Element AI AI revolution brewing in property business promises to make buildings greener and cheaper to operate A partnership with Microsoft, which has more than US$100 billion in cash, is a quick solution to OpenAI’s funding needs. But it’s an about-face of sorts. The group was seen by some in the AI community as an important counterbalance to large technology corporations that have snapped up talent and used their computing power and huge data hoards to leap ahead in the field.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, right, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. read more