MPAA wants access to Megaupload data for additional lawsuits

first_imgSince the raid that took down file storage and sharing site Megaupload some two months ago, users of the site have been worried about the distinct possibility that their data could be deleted at any moment. Megaupload’s storage provider, Carpathia Hosting, is spending $9,000 per day to hold on to 25 petabytes of user data. Now those seeking to preserve those bits have an unexpected ally: the MPAA. In a letter to Carpathia, the MPAA expressed its desire to use the Megaupload data to file additional lawsuits.Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom and several executives from the company are facing criminal charges and extradition to the US, where they are expected to be charged with criminal copyright infringement. The fire and brimstone letter sent to Carpathia by the MPAA said the data should be retained in order to facilitate cases, “against those who have knowingly or materially contributed to the infringement occurring through Megaupload.”Seeing the PR disaster coming a mile away, the MPAA has tried to reach out and assure everyone that it doesn’t intend to actually sue any individuals at this time. Although, the letter does specifically call on Carpathia to keep data related to the users that uploaded and downloaded copyrighted content on Megaupload. If you believe the MPAA on this one, that data is necessary to prove that Megaupload was facilitating criminal copyright infringement.MPAA vice president Howard Gantman now insists that additional lawsuits will only be targeted at “intermediaries” believed to be involved with Megaupload. A hearing next month will determine if Carpathia will be forced to continue storing user data, and whether funds from Megaupload’s frozen accounts will be released to cover those costs. Even if, as the MPAA says, it only wants to know about the activities of users to continue its case against Megaupload, that’s still a lot of personal data in the open.via TechDirtlast_img read more