LOS ANGELES CA — Fine jewelry designer Christian

first_imgLOS ANGELES, CA — Fine jewelry designer Christian Tse has come up with a way to both celebrate time and perhaps enjoy more of it. Christian’s Prismatic Collection of Timepieces is a “fresh and simplified way of seeing time,” according to the company.The design concept behind the new Timepiece Collection originated from the idea that by infusing light through diamonds, time could be told. The timepieces are designed as statement jewelry that just happens to tell time. The Prismatic Timepieces, which have been in the works for over 18 months, look like a bracelet made up of shimmering natural colored and colorless diamonds, and natural colored stones such as sapphire, amethyst and others, set on colored sting-ray, python or alligator bands.The Prismatic Collection is designed as a stunning piece of gorgeous jewelry– but with the click of a hidden stem– the time is shown in an LED -type display for a few instants. Then the Prismatic goes back to being a lovely jewel.The Prismatic Watch collection is priced from $7,000 and up. There are over 20 different designs for men and women ranging from a “Her Majesty” British-flag-inspired design to a gem-studded pink and white “confection.” The entire collection retails at the Wynn & Company Jewelry found in the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas.last_img read more