Samsung PC7 One Slick Convertible Tablet

first_imgYeah, I know, ces has yet to actually officially begin, and we’re already up to our ears in tablets. Samsung’s newly announced device definitely deserves mention, however–it’s easily one of the slickest gadgets I’ve seen this week.The PC7 is really a reimagining of the whole netbook concept, with a screen that slides right over the keyboard, turning into a slate tablet.The device has a multi-touch 10.1 screen and runs Windows 7, making it arguably the coolest device built around that hardware.Inside you’ll find an Intel Atom Z670 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and either 32- or 64GB of storage.The PC7 can do both WiMax and 3G, and it weighs in at just over two pounds. Check out some closeup shots, after the jump. \last_img