Yogic posture: Do a balancing act like Mamata without actually doing it

first_imgIt’s world Yoga day, but Mamata Banerjee has long mastered the art of doing a balancing act. But flexibility, the end-use or end-result of Yoga is, not in her lexicon. She’s not known to bend.Instead of celebrating the Yoga day, as part of the Central programme, Mamata has asked her cabinet colleagues of health, sports and youth affairs and home department to organize mass Yoga camps and yoga clinics to observe the day, which has deep roots in the Bengal soil.But cautious not to be seen as bending to Modi’s tunes, she has asked the ministers to stay away from such programmes.NOT THE FIRST TIME FOR MAMATALast year after saying a firm “no” to the BJP-led NDA government’s circular to observe the Yoga day, she had independently celebrated the occasion under a state banner by involving the youth and sports affairs department. Some of the Trinamool Congress leaders in the districts in their individual capacity had taken out marches and organized competition among young boys and girls.However, Mamata could not stop her detractors from saying that she was forced to do a somersault from her earlier stand because she could not pick up a row with the Modi government, with the Sardha investigation hounding her party.MAMATA’S TIGHT-ROPE WALK This year too, with Saradha and Narada close on her heels and obviously because she does not want a direct confrontation with the Centre, given the volume of central financial assistance the state gets on various schemes, Mamata has chosen the tight-rope walking act on the world yoga day.advertisementKeeping herself and her ministers uninvolved in such ceremonies she’s giving a signal that West Bengal will not kowtow the BJP’s diktat, at the same time letting the state people remember their tradition, their yogis and rishis, and have their share of fun and festivity on this day, she’s also dropping the hint that her party will respect the Hindu ideology and take pride in our religious leaders and great philosophers, such as Swami Vivekananda, who had advocated the importance of yoga in life.Also read:Mamata Banerjee’s 5-step recipe to tackle price riseThe plan for Mamata Banerjee’s new Cabinetlast_img read more