Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe Slays The Bay In Celebration Of The Diesel’s 62nd Birthday

first_img**featuring Z-Trip, Cut Chemist on turntables and samplers, Wil Blades on Hammond B3 Before we knew it, DJ Williams had started sneaking in the chicken-scratch riff that announces KDTU’s much-beloved swag anthem “Groove On”, a song that encapsulates this band’s glorious halcyon era maybe more than any other. This joint had been on the shelf for many years, after being an integral part of KDTU’s repertoire for a decade. It had also been a long time since we’d heard Karl lecture the “fellas” on gettin’ themselves right, before they step up to try and talk to a lady. That humorous banter was always the introduction to this steezy staple, and everybody in The Fillmore that remembered the time, knew precisely what was coming. Keyboardist David Veith tickled the Fender Rhodes just right, Karl blew his horn and strutted his stuff, bassist Chris Stillwell was the sturdiest of anchors, while drummer Zak Najor pushed the libidinous rhythms towards the sky, not unlike he did back in 2002, his last stint in this band. The full circle nature of this monumental moment was not lost on those of us who’ve been riding on the Tiny Universe train a very long time. KDTU is steamrolling into 2019, “twice as nice, twice as strong.” At 62 years young, it’s crystal clear that Karl Denson still has got his groove on, and he’s showing zero signs of stopping. After one hundred minutes of steamy, sexy, birthday funk, on this San Francisco night, the Diesel was the best in town. Denson invited longtime pal Z-Trip to the stage and the renowned DJ assumed his position behind an enormous station, with turntables, a mixer, samplers and more. Williams started up the beefy riff to Lenny Kravitz’s deep cut “Straight Cold Player” and Z-Trip took the reigns, leading the band in and out of the funk, scratching and mixing breaks while Denson and his squad burrowed through the burly jam. Chali 2na reappeared, he stepped up and showed out with a hot verse in his inimitable magnanimous baritone. As the Tiny Universe caught wreck, Z-Trip veered in and out of Public Enemy (“Rebel Without a Pause”) and LL Cool J (“Going Back to Cali”) for a thrilling segment. Denson then led the boys into a trifecta of tracks off their forthcoming album Gnomes and Badgers, due in the Spring. “I’m Your Biggest Fan” was probably the best of the bunch, more of the old-school soul-dream funky-jazz vibe that was KDTU’s bread and butter for a very long time. The newer material is spiced with a blues-rock edge that is enhanced by Seth Freeman’s Stratocaster style and slide guitar touch. On these three new joints from the long-anticipated follow up to New Ammo, it appears KDTU has found a happy medium between the glorious grooves of yesteryear, and Karl Denson’s (of the Rolling Stones!) modern-day fascination with classic rock n’ roll. Opening with a couple uptempo pop numbers in “My Baby Likes to Boogaloo” and “Shake it Out”, Karl Denson grabbed the mic and fronted the band, singing and offering some choreographed dancing with veteran trumpet sideman Chris Littlefield. Denson made sure both his band and the audience was properly limbered up and loose, prepared to get the show underway from the stage and the dancefloor alike. Reaching back over fifteen years, KDTU uncorked a massive take on “The Bridge”, including a groovy reworked outro-jam, chased by a mouthwatering re-entry into the classic. Guitarist DJ Williams really shined on the new “The Bridge”, offering a series of lusty, Isaiah Sharkey-like licks. Karl, on the other hand, unveiled something of a beloved rarity these days, in the form of a lengthy, scintillating, downright sexy flute solo. *featuring Chali 2na on vocals From there, Karl and company entered the home stretch, and dipped into the reggae-skank’d R&B of “Mighty Rebel”, another deep cut, this one found on 2009’s Brother’s Keeper. For the encore, Z-Trip returned (along with Cut Chemist) for a torrid run through Beastie Boys’ “Sure Shot.” Z-Trip had something special up his sleeve for the hardcore Denson heads; while the band bobbed and weaved through the Ill Communication classic, the DJ scratched in the nugget of all nuggets: the badass break from “Ruffneck Jazz”, the debut LP from DJ Greyboy that features, you guessed, Karl Denson. The California brotherhood continued when Bay Area favorite son and Hammond organist extraordinaire Wil Blades joined David Veith on the keyboards. The squad closed out with DJ Williams original “New Ammo”, and with that wrapped up two tremendous nights at The Fillmore. On the first night, Friday December 28th, NOLA stalwarts Dumpstaphunk came out for direct support. In one of the bigger surprises in recent memory, Dumpsta welcomed Bay Area icon Carlos Santana to the stage for a soaring sit-in on a white Fender Stratocaster. Unfortunately, there were too many incredible musical options in the area, so on the 28th this writer found himself at the Erykah Badu show at The Warfield (read my review here.) Therefore, for the purposes of this story, we will skip to the following night at The Fillmore, where Jurassic 5 alumni Chali 2na and Cut Chemist dropped a proper duo set to open the festivities; two turntables and a microphone warmed up a capacity crowd before KDTU took over The Fillmore with a positively mammoth performance. In celebration of their bandleader’s 62nd birthday, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe strutted into San Francisco in late December for their customary engagement at The Fillmore, a historic room Karl D has been packing for many years. For their final California shows of 2018, KDTU started their BDay/NYE run in San Diego, calling on old friend (and local SD favorite) Z-Trip to join them onstage for a funky-live-hip-hop segment, before traveling north to the Bay for a boisterous two-fer with the venerable DJ in tow. The boys arrived to a blustery Bay Area primed for a proper celebration, and rest assured they did not disappoint. KDTU Setlist 12/29/18 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA.-My Baby Likes to Boogaloo, Shake It On, The Bridge, What if You Knew, Biggest Fan, -Z-Trip segment- Straight Cold Player* > Rebel Without a Pause> Going Back to Cali, Freedom, Nowhere to Run, The Answer, Groove On, Mighty Rebel. Encore- Sure Shot**, New Ammo words: B.Getz Z-Trip sliced up a passionate benediction from poet Saul Williams, and KDTU took that handoff and (appropriately) ran all the way to “Freedom”, unveiling a rollicking Afrobeat style for the first time in a while. Seth Freeman shined bright on guitar and vocals, fronting drummer Zak Najor‘s cut “Nowhere to Run.” The KDTU wayback-machine then continued with the salacious R&B come-on “The Answer,” the old-school chestnut once a treasured Tiny Universe track before Karl benched it for a few years, as he leaned a bit harder into rock and blues.last_img read more

Joseph Weldishofer,42, St. Leon, IN

first_imgMass of Christian Burial is Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 12:30 St. John the Baptist Church in Dover, IN with burial in St. Joseph Cemetery, St. Leon, IN. Joseph Weldishofer, 42, of St. Leon, IN passed Wednesday, May 25, 2016.  He leaves his loving family: parents Joseph F. and Mary C. Weldishofer (Hodapp) of St. Leon, son Joseph A. Weldishofer, his siblings: Ron (Jane) of Sunman, IN, Terry (Tracey) of Bright, IN, Amber (Jim) of Aurora, IN, Greg (Kristen) of Frenchburg, KY, Lance of St. Leon, IN, Mitch (Julie) of St. Leon, IN, Tyler (C.J.) of Cincinnati, OH.  He also leaves many nieces and nephews.He leaves his aunts and uncles: Kate, Paul (Carol), Lawrence (Marilyn), Billy, Bertie, Dorothy (Lou), Wilma, Annie (Phil), Bonnie (Chris), Bill (Mary Ann),Jim (Charlene), and Ed (Dorothy).  He leaves many cousins.Godparents of Joseph A. Weldishofer are Dan and Cheryl Agapie.Joe was preceded in death by his sister Tammy, his uncles: Wilbur, Leo, Richard, Jim, and his aunt Evelyn.Joe was a member of Creative Visions Book Club, he enjoyed creating and fabricating his own jewelry. Donations can be made to family through UCB bank under The Joseph Weldishofer Benefit.center_img I may notHave gone whereI intendedTo go,But I thinkI’ve ended upWhere I Needed to be.last_img read more

Lessons Learned from June Water Emergency

first_imgBy John BurtonLast month’s water emergency for much of Monmouth County may have been something of a teaching moment for the water utility and governing bodies about how they keep the public informed.“There are always lessons to be learned,” said Peter Eschbach, director of communications and external affairs for New Jersey American Water, about his company’s communications response to the collapse of water mains on June 29 near the company’s Middletown treat­ment facility. The break impacted hundreds of thousands of customers in 22 towns in Monmouth County.“I’ve had residents who’ve contacted me, who felt there was an inadequate message system,” Monmouth County Free­holder Director John Curley said.Among the issues officials found they need to work on is encouraging area residents to register on town websites for emergency notification, particularly if they did not have a landline telephone.County government doesn’t have a direct system of individually notifying residents to keep them abreast of breaking developments in emergency situations, said Curley and Laura Kirkpatrick, a county public information officer.The notification is left to individual municipalities and, in this case, the water utility company.Members of the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) kept local OEMs apprised of the situation. The county’s public information office issued a series of press releases; posted them to the county’s website, contacted media, posted on its Facebook page and used its Twitter account to get the word out.“We are trying to maximize these tools,” Kirkpatrick said.Municipalities, in general, rely on two methods for direct contact to homes and businesses. There is what is commonly referred to as “reverse 911” and another system through which residents must go to a town’s website and register to receive important notices.Reverse 911 systems have access only to landline telephone numbers. Residents must register through municipal websites to receive notification through mobile devices via cellphones, texts or emails.The problem for town officials is to get people to register.New Jersey American Water has two reverse 911 systems; one relies on a private company, the other uses company records to access phone numbers, Eschbach, said.“Here’s the glitch,” he said. “We contacted as many as we were able to,” with the company’s system. The problem was “customers are not required to give out phone numbers and many do not.”In Little Silver, Eschbach acknowledged, a system glitch went even further, as the water utility’s system somehow overlooked all its customers there and did not issue the recorded robo-call to residents.“I’m not sure exactly what happened with Little Silver,” he said. “As soon as we found out about it, we looked into it and we were able rectify it quickly.”“I have to admit this was a bit of an education for me, too,” Little Silver Mayor Robert Neff Jr. said.The incident exposed a need to re-evaluate the town’s emergency notification system, he said. “Really, it was something of a blessing in disguise.”Neff has sent a letter to everyone in the community asking them to register online at the borough’s website to ensure they will be notified in case of another emergency. Residents can use any telephone number they wish for notification and can also get texts or emails. They can limit notification to bona fide emergencies only or get updates about other non-emergency events, too.“We want to get a better handle on whether we can help residents clarify what lists they’re on and when they get these emails and text alerts,” Neff said.As the county’s largest muni­ci­pality and site of the collapsed mains, Middletown became a focal point for the emergency. Adminis­tra­tor Anthony Mercantante said he felt “it went very well,” with the town’s communications system.Middletown initially issued emergency notification using reverse 911 and information collected through its website registration. “After that we pretty much relied on our website and email blasts,” to keep people up-to-date, he said.After such events, “there’s always a spike in registering” for the communication system through the township’s website, he said. “People suddenly realize how useful it is.” Middletown has about 8,000 of its 68,000 residents registered, a number that Mercantante said is a pretty good percentage.“Obviously one lesson is more people should register,” he said. “You learn about these things and you improve for the next time around.”Eschbach said the water company also learned about improvements that need to be done to its website and its contact system, including reaching out to customers to secure emergency phone numbers.Some customers told company representatives that when they received the notification calls, their caller ID came up as an unidentified number and the customers ignored it, thinking it was a telemarketer. “That’s one thing we’re looking at,” Eschbach said.The company’s website contained the latest information but didn’t highlight it well to draw people’s attention. That is another issue that will be addressed.The water main collapse impacted roughly 150,000 to 200,000 people in 22 communities, who were advised to boil water before using and to stop using water outdoors.American Water reached the majority of those customers, Eschbach said. He acknowledged that when reaching out to that many people “there are going to be some slip-ups.”Curley, however, criticized the company for failing to contact him as head of county government, failing to maintain the mains to prevent the collapse and for its water-use restrictions going much further than needed.Curley has asked the state’s Board of Public Utility to investigate the incident and the company’s handling of the situation.last_img read more

The Extrapolation Fallacy in Evolutionary Storytelling

first_imgThe assumption of universal common ancestry can lead to absurd scientific reasoning.Humans have culture. Insects show cooperative behavior. Therefore, human culture evolved from insect behavior. Does that make sense? Can any scientist really compare those two things, and derive one from the other? They do it, but that doesn’t make it rational. Extrapolation is a logical fallacy, and so is the non-sequitur.Animal Behaviour: Conformity and the Beginnings of Culture in an Insect (Current Biology). After making excuses for studying the “evolution of culture” in fruit flies, (e.g., “it might be misguided to suspect that the learning mechanisms that support culture are inherently complex or difficult to evolve, or that these might exist only in our closest relatives“), these authors make some absurd statements that could never be proved. Here’s an example:Female flies, like many adolescent humans, seem to acquire their partner preferences from the majority choices that can be observed around them.Well, then, the writing of scientific papers was a behavior derived from fruit flies. The authors have to work themselves out of a trap, though. There’s no basis in animal evolution for things we do that should have been easy for natural selection to invent. Here comes a whopper of a just-so story:Why, then, are animal cultures not more common in the wild, especially the cumulative variety seen in humans, where new innovations build on previous ones? Why don’t flies build vehicles to travel over land, why do bees not construct walls around their territory to keep competitors away from their flower patches? The conventional way of answering such questions is that they do not have the required brain power. Behavioural experimental studies on multiple invertebrates, however, indicate that the basic problem-solving skills required, and the capacity to learn from observation, are present in a number of invertebrates. Many seemingly advanced cognitive capacities have recently been shown to be computationally trivial, and the required neural circuits could certainly be implemented in some of the smallest brains. So, the reason why culture, or cumulative culture, is so rarely seen in nature, might simply be that the conditions that favour its emergence are quite rare. It is easy to see how an animal might benefit, for example to cope with rapid man-made global change, if it were given the benefit of a fully-fledged cumulative culture tomorrow. But one would have to develop a scenario by which the first tiny steps in the direction of such a culture would already be beneficial and maintained in a population — and in such a manner that such variation could not be more beneficially just cemented into genes. A laboratory setting under which culture emerges in a free-flowing experiment (i.e. without significant experimenter intervention) is actually quite hard to conceive for any animal. Even if you gave insects all the tools and parts to build a bicycle, there would be little incentive for them to begin building anything in the right direction. Another potential answer to this question may lie with conformity itself. Conformist biases are a useful way to maintain traditions. However, if these biases are so strong that they result in discrimination against new phenotypes, whether brought about by mutation or individual innovation, such novelty may be discriminated against even if it could be of adaptive benefit. This would prevent the accumulation of improvements characteristic of cumulative culture.Nonetheless, fruit flies are an interesting choice of model for cultural processes due to the feasibility of selection experiments in relatively short time spans, and thus the potential of exploring interactions between cultural and genetic evolution. In addition, the expansive molecular-genetic toolkit that is available in Drosophila should make it possible to explore the neural mechanisms underpinning social learning, as well as the processes mediating evolutionary change under conditions in which certain forms of social learning and culture are selectively advantageous.If you endured that long quote without falling asleep, you saw nothing but extrapolation, assumption, waffling, rationalization, and storytelling (“develop a scenario” they call it). Nothing natural selection cannot handle!Human roars communicate upper-body strength more effectively than do screams or aggressive and distressed speech (PLoS One). Evolutionists were not sufficiently embarrassed last time they told a story about the evolution of screaming (2 July 2018). They did it again. While a scientist might be able to gather data on whether a man with a good roar has good upper-body strength, what does that have to do with the price of natural selection in China?In competitive contests, evolutionary selection processes favour vocal communication of resource holding potential to settle disputes without engaging in potentially costly combat. For example, many terrestrial mammalian species, including giant pandas, sea lions, fallow and red deer, and domestic dogs use acoustic cues to body size or dominance rank in aggressive vocalizations to mediate agonistic interactions, particularly during male-male competition.Among humans, the nonverbal components of speech also allow listeners to assess body size from the voice, including height and weight…How stupid can Darwine-drunk scientists get? Ask Cyrano de Bergerac if he had better success winning his love by roaring or by serenading. To evolutionists, they justify such absurdity because of their belief that humans are mere animals. If dogs howl and sea lions say “Ork! ork!” to each other, then humans must have gained this ability because of the Stuff Happens Law, too. This is the fallacy of extrapolation: thinking that humans are nothing but evolved pandas, and so animal behavior can be extrapolated into human behavior. The illustration above says it all. Roar at a woman, and you are not likely to gain love, regardless of your upper-body strength. You are likely to get charged for harassment.You may now LOL.Evolutionists continue to carry out their silly game of applying natural selection to everything, including human behavior, because nobody feels safe to laugh. That must change. Go ahead: roar at an evolutionist, and explain you are just trying to win their love. Then laugh hilariously. If they get huffy about it, then engage them in a little logic. Tell them, “If human culture is nothing but evolved fruit-fly behavior, then so is the behavior of writing scientific papers. Therefore, everything you say was predetermined in your genes, and signifies nothing.” (Visited 462 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Rule proposed to level the playing field for organic dairies

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A policy that allows a one-time transition of dairy cows from conventional to organic production has been inconsistently enforced, putting farmers who play by the rules at a competitive disadvantage and undermining the integrity of the organic label. However, a proposed rule would level the playing field by more clearly defining current regulations.The Origin of Livestock proposed rule, which was originally published in 2015 but has not yet been finalized, would allow organic dairy farms to transition conventional replacement animals into organic production only once, prohibiting the continuous transition that some farms have incorrectly practiced. In comments submitted, National Farmers Union (NFU), a longtime advocate of fair and commonsense organic rules and regulations, voiced support for the rule and urged its immediate finalization and implementation.“The organic label is only as meaningful as the enforcement of organic standards. But currently, the origin of livestock provisions are being applied inconsistently across the industry, allowing some farmers to repeatedly transition conventional replacement animals into organic production while others comply with the rules and only transition a single, distinct herd once. This practice not only confuses American consumers, who have certain expectations about what the organic label means, but also puts rule-abiding producers at a significant disadvantage and threatens the integrity of the organic program,” said Roger Johnson, NFU President . “By providing greater clarity on transition regulations and ensuring that standards are uniformly applied, the Origin of Livestock proposed rule would protect consumer confidence in the organic label and ensure its economic viability for family farmers. We urge USDA to act quickly to finalize and implement this crucial rule.”last_img read more

10 months agoArsenal determined to beat Tottenham to signing of Norwich fullback Max Aarons

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Arsenal determined to beat Tottenham to signing of Norwich fullback Max Aaronsby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal are determined to beat Tottenham to the signing of Norwich City fullback Max Aarons.The £15million-rated youngster has impressed in the Canaries’ fine start to the Championship season, and the two north London giants are among clubs at home and abroad who are keen to take him, says the Mirror.Spurs are in the boxseat, though Norwich have made it clear they won’t entertain any deal next month unless it includes the 18-year-old — who turns 19 next week — being loaned back to them for the rest of the season.And Arsenal are now throwing their hat in the ring with a determination to win Aarons’ signature. last_img read more

a month agoTottenham chairman Levy fought off Chelsea attempts for Pochettino

first_imgTottenham chairman Levy fought off Chelsea attempts for Pochettinoby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham chairman Daniel Levy fought off attempts by Chelsea to prise Mauricio Pochettino away, it has been revealed.The Sun says Levy previously rejected an unofficial approach from Chelsea for Pochettino.Pochettino has impressed as Spurs boss over the past five years, though Tottenham have struggled at the start of this season.They have won just two of their opening six Premier League matches and were dumped out of the Carabao Cup by League Two Colchester.It’s led to questions over Pochettino’s future after the Argentine regularly voiced his disapproval over the club’s transfer policy in the summer.But Spurs chairman Levy is clearly keen to keep Pochettino.He turned down an official approach from Real Madrid and an unofficial move by Chelsea for his manager. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

15 days agoLiverpool boss Klopp: I would think about Germany job

first_imgLiverpool boss Klopp: I would think about Germany jobby Paul Vegas15 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits he would think about the Germany job if approached.Klopp has been mooted as a top target for the German FA to replace Joachim Low, when the World Cup winner’s contract ends in 2022. Klopp’s deal at Anfield also expires that summer, and the Liverpool boss has yet to ink an extension – despite Kop chiefs being keen.Asked about the possibility, he told Magenta TV: “I really can not say. I do not know if I would like to.”Now, as of today, I do not feel like it. Stand up now, I’m totally happy with what I do and that’s important in the whole story.”I also could not say one hundred percent if I was the right one [to replace Low].”If the question ever arises, I would think about it – but not now.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

9 days agoReece James’ father reveals Chelsea whizkid has played every position

first_imgReece James’ father reveals Chelsea whizkid has played every positionby Freddie Taylor9 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveReece James’ father has revealed the Chelsea starlet has played in every position during his young career.The 19-year-old is primarily considered a right-back and has shone in that role in his career so far, especially on loan at Wigan last season.”Reece would never play in the position that he played at Chelsea,” his father said to Alex Goldberg. “If Reece was a central midfielder, he’d play centre-back for me. When he was young and playing at centre-forward, he’d play left-back for me, he’d play right-back for me.”Reece has actually played every single position on the pitch.”I never used to believe in putting numbers on the back of shirts. If you give someone the number 9, he automatically thinks ‘I’m a centre-forward’, but if you just put them out there and say ‘you’re going to play here, you’re going to play there and the next ten minutes you’re going to play there and you’re going to play there’, they all know ‘I might have to play in defence’ but there’s no numbers to confuse them.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award Honors Jack Johnson And Marisa Miller

first_imgThe public knew Paul Walker best for his roles as an actor: The Fast and the Furious series, Into the Blue, Eight Below and Pleasantville, among others.The Monterey Bay Aquarium knew him better as an aspiring marine biologist and a lifelong friend of the ocean. Growing up, Paul was inspired by Jacques Cousteau – his mentor and role model. He studied marine biology in college and planned to make that his career before he was drawn into acting.But the ocean was never far from his life – or his concerns.Now the aquarium, in collaboration with Walker’s family, will honor his memory and continue his legacy through the Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award – recognizing individuals who are using their public stature to advance ocean causes and support philanthropic ventures.The inaugural recipients – actress and supermodel Marisa Miller, and singer Jack Johnson – will receive their awards in June.Miller will be honored in a public presentation on Saturday, June 7 during the aquarium’s World Oceans Day weekend celebration. Johnson will receive his award at the aquarium on Saturday, June 14 during a special 30th anniversary event supporting the aquarium’s Children’s Education Fund.Paul Walker’s daughter and brothers will participate in the presentations.“The ocean plays a central role in the lives of both Marisa Miller and Jack Johnson – as it did for Paul Walker,” said aquarium Executive Director Julie Packard. “Like Paul, they recognize how important it is to work for a future with healthy oceans, and to inspire others to do their part. We’re proud to honor them in this way.”Walker helped the aquarium celebrate World Oceans Day in 2005, and told visitors that day about about his personal commitment to ocean conservation – urging them to step up their own involvement.“I was fortunate to have visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my father on several occasions,” said his daughter, Meadow Walker. “It held a special place in his heart, as it now does in mine. I am proud of him, and this award that honors his commitment to ocean conservation.”Marisa Miller is an actress, supermodel, a surfer and Monterey Bay area resident who has been inspired by the aquarium’s work since she was a schoolgirl. Today, as a young mother, she actively promotes an ocean-friendly lifestyle – one that eliminates single-use plastic water bottles, and incorporates sustainable seafood choices, as well as organic foods and natural personal care products that keep pollutants out of the ocean. In addition to her philanthropic work with the American Cancer Society and the USO, she has been associated with Surfrider Foundation, which works on behalf of healthy oceans.Jack Johnson is an acclaimed singer-songwriter, surfer and filmmaker. The Hawaii native and his wife, Kim, have been effecting change worldwide by leading the music industry in greening practices and using their success to support many social and environmental issues. Their Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation supports environmental initiatives, art and music education worldwide – including the aquarium’s Ocean Plastic Pollution Summit, where teachers find new ways to engage their students around the issue of plastics and ocean health. A graduate of the University of California-Santa Barbara, Johnson has released multiple platinum-selling albums on Brushfire Records, including Brushfire Fairytales, Sleep Through the Static and To the Sea.“I’m honored to be receiving the Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award,” said Marisa Miller. “The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been a part of my life since I was six years old. Its programs for education and ocean awareness are still impacting me today. I look forward to celebrating World Oceans Day with the communities that support all the work that the Monterey Bay Aquarium does.”“The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a special place for our family,” said Jack Johnson. I appreciate the energy they put into educating the public on sustainable seafood, marine debris, and the overall health of our oceans. I’m honored to be working with them and to be receiving the Paul Walker Award.”At the June 7 World Oceans Day celebration, the aquarium will also present a youth award to 17-year-old high school student Ailis Dooner of Carmel, who took second in the world at the International Science Fair for researching a way to prevent lung cancer using substances found in sea anemones and seaweed. Ailis is a Teen Conservation Leader at the aquarium.The nonprofit Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014. Its mission is to inspire conservation of the oceans.last_img read more