Resolved: Politicians Must Obey the Law

first_imgResolved: Politicians Must Obey the LawFreedom, IN – For years I’ve tried to make an issue of crony corruption (like “pay to play”), election fraud (which we documented in 2004), lying (like the deceptions that got us into at least most of our wars), and unregulated and illegal spying (where do I start with that?). I’m glad some other people are starting to notice that something’s amiss here.But our entrenched status quo rulers also commit other serious crimes.It’s of course a crime to give away what doesn’t belong to you; no matter who does it. For example, no treaty made by any federal official can exceed the authority granted to our federal government by our federal constitution. But it’s also wrong to abdicate important jobs that were intentionally given to only you. For example, the USA Congress has no authority to delegate away its sole power, and accountability, in lawmaking, declaring war, issuing currency, creating or limiting jurisdiction of courts, or impeachment. (see Article I)Therefore:Most of our recent treaties are fraudulent. The thousands of laws written by Executives, Courts and executive agencies/bureaucracies are null and void. Our “Federal Reserve System” is a counterfeiting and theft racket. All wars and military aggressions since WWII are illegal killings.What do you call it when you kill people illegally?So, I propose the following resolution:Whereas the plain wording of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America is binding law;Be it resolved that;No federal law, agency, program or international treaty that depends upon authority not specifically granted by the Constitution for the United States of America shall be valid within the United States of America;Any federal agency, law, program or international treaty transcending authority specifically granted by the Constitution for the United States of America is null and void;Unconstitutional laws, agencies, programs and treaties have created both problems and dependencies that will take time to rectify;All unconstitutional federal powers, delegations, laws, programs, treaties and entities that cannot be immediately nullified must be phased out within no more than ten years.Liberty or Bust!Andrew HorningLibertarian for 8th District US House of Representatives7851 Pleasant Hill Road, Freedom, IN 47431Facebook Twitter LinkEmailSharelast_img

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