What makes the modern NFL quarterback? Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and the next generation | NFL News

first_imgFollowing in Jackson’s blurry footsteps is Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, who is enjoying his own sophomore breakout season and, similarly, goes against the traditional height and size combination of an NFL QB. At 5-foot-10 and 207 lbs, he became the shortest quarterback ever drafted in the first round. But that hasn’t stopped him.Like Jackson, he is simply a nightmare to bring down. When you think you’ve got him in the backfield, he shimmies and pops right out. In the open field, he has a deceptive second gear. Jackson bursts through the Philadelphia Eagles’ defence to score a 37-yard touchdown You can’t deny it is working – Jackson last week improved to 25-5 (.833) over his first 30 NFL starts, tying the best mark by a starting quarterback in the Super Bowl era, held by Hall of Famer Dan Marino.With just 130 more rushing yards this season, he will become the first player with at least 5,000 passing yards (currently 5,841) and 2,500 rushing yards (2,370) through his first three seasons in NFL history – all at a slender 6-foot-2 and 212 pounds. Josh Allen is hard to stop at the goal line Josh Allen is hard to stop at the goal line

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