Valamar Riviera continues the practice of rewarding employees with the payment of Christmas bonuses

first_imgIn accordance with the agreement between the Management Board of Valamar Riviera and the social partners, Valamar Riviera employees will be paid Christmas bonuses and gifts in kind for 2017.In accordance with the practice of previous years, Christmas bonuses are paid in cash, and this year’s Christmas will cover 18% more employees compared to 2016, or more than 4.300 employees. The amount of the Christmas bonus is determined by the number of working hours in the company and the net amounts range from 400 to 1.700 kuna. “The success of Valamar is the success of all our employees and together with the unions we continue a quality and positive dialogue to improve the conditions of all employees, taking care to adequately reward as many employees as possible. As one of the largest and most desirable employers in Croatia, Valamar Riviera continuously stimulates and rewards its employees not only at the end, but also throughout the year. ” stand out from Valamar.Also, it was agreed to pay gifts in kind (gift voucher of HRK 400 for local stores where Valamar Riviera operates) which will receive 16% more employees than last year, and – according to current practice – a gift will be paid to a child under 15 years of age in the amount of HRK 600, which included about 930 employees.


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