The total revenue of nautical ports in Croatia last year amounted to 857 million kuna

first_imgPhoto: D-Resort Šibenik In 2018, 194 vessels were in transit, which is a decrease of 164 percent compared to 3,8. The largest number of vessels in transit came from Croatia (2017 percent), Italy (47,7 percent). Germany (13,9 percent), Austria (12,8 percent) and Slovenia (6,6 percent).  “We are grateful to our hosts, the Association of Marinas of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, for their great work, for visiting three marinas and organizing an excellent thematic session. Croatia is on the nautical map given the huge growth of nautical tourism. The growth is due to good infrastructure, the existing charter market and extremely strong nautical tourism. It is also interesting to observe how the market adapts to new groups of clients, ”Said Martinho Fortunato, President of the International Marine Association and Vice-President of the Portuguese Marine Association.  RESEARCH RESULTS PRESENTED “ATTITUDES AND CONSUMPTION OF NAUTICIANS IN CROATIA – TOMAS NAUTIKA YACHTING 2017.” “In the past few years, Croatia has become a top destination for nautical tourism, as confirmed by numbers and tourists. As the hosts of the session of the International Marina Association, we also received an indisputable confirmation of the profession, “Said Klarić  The total revenue of nautical ports in Croatia last year amounted to HRK 857 million, of which 72,2 percent was related to the rental of berths. In total, this is an increase in total revenue by 2,7 percent compared to 2017 and an increase in revenue from renting berths by 7,1 percent, and it is the Split-Dalmatia and Šibenik-Knin counties that are in the lead in terms of revenue.  A session of the International Marine Association (ICOMIA) is being held in Šibenik and Split from June 03 to 04, bringing together national associations of the maritime industry and the International Marine Association, with the participation of representatives of more than 35 national associations and the world’s strongest nautical destinations.center_img The total revenue of nautical ports in Croatia last year amounted to 857 million kuna RELATED NEWS: At yesterday’s conference held in D-Marina Mandalina in Šibenik, the director of the HGK Tourism Department Ana Klarić Klarić emphasized that the session is not only an opportunity to promote Croatian nautical tourism, but also to exchange best practices, analyze national and international regulations and see trends. As of 2018, there were 13 vessels at permanent berth in nautical ports, 617 percent more than last year. Of that, 1,4 percent were moored at sea, and 86,2 percent used a place on land. The largest number of vessels on a permanent berth came from Croatia (13,8 percent), Austria (44 percent), Germany (15,8 percent), Slovenia (15,2 percent) and Italy (5,1 percent).  President of the Association of Marinas of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Sean Lisjak presented Croatian nautical tourism and pointed out that Croatia is the leading country in the world in the number and demand of charters, with a fleet of 4300 vessels. The high-quality infrastructure includes 142 nautical ports, 72 marinas and 17 berths, Lisjak pointed out. He also commented on the need to harmonize marina regulations in Croatia, namely the Maritime Property and Seaports Act and the Concessions Act, and emphasized ICOMIA’s support last year on the issue of sojourn tax, which helped in successful negotiations with the Ministry of Tourism. last_img

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