Baseball Instant Replay

first_imgIf you are the Cincinnati Reds, you probably wish that MLB would go back to letting umpires make the final decision on all plays on the field without doing instant replay.  It seems that every time they ask for a replay they lose, even though all their TV replays seem to show that they were right in their reason for asking for the replay.  If you don’t know, a group of umpires in New York go over the plays based on camera shots that are sent to them from the ball park.  There are no questions allowed on their decision.  If you do question, you are ejected immediately from the game.This in itself might be fine if they had enough cameras in all baseball parks to show the angles of a play that are present in pro football and basketball; however, in baseball it is the local feeds that have the replay so you do not have the myriad of cameras that have been placed in the football and basketball arenas.  It seems to me that if they want to continue with these replays, the MLB must require some type of camera on all four bases.  Until they do, the umpire’s eyes may still provide the best view.  After all, baseball did survive for well over a hundred years with all of us having to live with the umpire’s call.last_img

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