Nine arrested after RCMP blocks teepee raising on Parliament Hill

first_img(Jocelyn Iahtail, centre, requesting the release of nine people arrested for attempting to bring teepee poles on Parliament Hill without a permit. The detainees show of their hand-cuffs inside a tent-turned-detention block. APTN/Photo)Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsOutside the tent-turned-holding cell along the sidewalk by Parliament Hill’s East Block Jocelyn Iahtail and Elder Sophie Gunner-Sackabuskum wanted to know what happened to someone named “Crow” who they said was arrested along with nine others for trying to carry teepee poles onto the Hill grounds without a proper permit.The RCMP officer who oversaw the arrests, whose last name was Lemoyne according to his ID patch, said he didn’t know of anyone named “Crow.” Lemoyne said only nine people were arrested Wednesday evening for “obstruction” because they needed proper permits to set up the teepee.“They were not allowed to come in with the teepee or they would be arrested,” said officer Lemoyne. “It is against the rules of the Hill, you cannot have tents. You usually need permits to go here. You guys are welcome to come, but no teepee.”Ihatail said the RCMP had no right to keep the teepee off Parliament Hill. She said it was to be used for a fasting ceremony.“We are the ceremonial people. I have a right to be here…I didn’t go invade Europe,” she said.“I didn’t invade anywhere,” said Lemoyne.And no one seemed to know what happened to Crow.Candace Day Neveau is one of the Bawating water protectors. She said the action is just about reclaiming ceremony. APTN/PhotoBy now RCMP officers and Parliament Hill security guards had erected a barricade just inside Parliament Hill’s East gate to block the transport of teepee poles onto the main grounds now overgrown with the scaffolding for Canada’s 150th celebrations scheduled for Saturday. In the background, technical crews tested the laser lights on the main stage. A smattering of tourists, walking the nearly empty streets around the Hill on a cool and sweet June night now tinged with the scent of sage, stopped by briefly to take in the spectacle, which, in a way, captured the state of relations between Canada and Indigenous peoples, according to academic Hayden King.“It’s an image that I think characterizes the relationship generally, this push and pull that goes on forever and ever (and) you see this inertia, those bones being prevented from being set up,” said King.For a couple hours Wednesday evening the teepee poles were physically stopped by Parliament Hill security officers, who are now overseen by the Mounties following changes enacted by the previous Conservative administration of Stephen Harper. The Hill security officers clung to the front end of the teepee poles held aloft by supporters of the Bawating water protectors who drove down from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Wednesday to launch the ceremonial action.“We are trying to prevent it from going forward,” said one Hill security guard. “These are the orders we were given.”Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee was one of the supporters carrying the teepee poles.“This is not a protest or a demonstration. They are here for prayer, they are here for ceremony. They wanted the teepee set up so they could do their fasting,” said Madahbee. “This is just a ceremony, what is so scary about it? This isn’t a missile we are carrying here. It’s a teepee, it is made of wood poles. It is going to have a small diameter of space on the Hill.”Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee was one of the supporters carrying the teepee poles. APTN/PhotoKyle Chiblow was one of the Bawating water protectors arrested Wednesday evening and slapped with a six-month ban from Parliament Hill. He said officers dragged him down to the ground and arrested him.“There were some forced movements. I got pushed in the way. I don’t care if you are wearing the uniform or not, I don’t stand for getting pushed around,” said Chiblow, from Mississauga First Nation. “I stood my ground and told the officer he was in the wrong and he needed to respect international laws. With that, they dragged me to the ground and into the tent.”Chiblow said he grew up around ceremonies and learned much during the Idle No More movement. He said the Bawating water protectors were formed in response to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s recent battle to stop an oil pipeline from crossing under their drinking water supply in North Dakota.“A few of us got together to hold demonstrations in Sault Ste. Marie to bring awareness of Standing Rock and that led to more discussions about what could be done locally and across Turtle Island,” he said.Chiblow said the group of nine detainees set up a sharing circle in the tent-turned-holding cell and invited RCMP officers to participate.“We got to have some dialogue with the officers to get an understanding of where they are coming from and it allowed them to get an understanding of where we are coming from,” said Chiblow.Kyle Chiblow was one of the Bawating water protectors arrested Wednesday evening and slapped with a six month ban from Parliament Hill. He is holding his “Trespass” notice. APTN/PhotoJohnny Wabigwan, from Thessalon First Nation, was also arrested.“We are here because Canada 150 is a celebration of holistic genocide,” said Wabigwan, who is also a member of the Bawating water protectors. “We can’t say culture because that is just one part of it. We can’t just explain one part of all these issues. We have to explain it all in a whole, it is the whole picture in one, in one genocide. The culture of the people, the way of life, the land, the natural laws bestowed on us by the Creator, by our ancestors, were stripped from us and now we don’t have the right to set up our ceremony on unceded Algonquin territory.”After a prolonged stalemate over the poles, the RCMP agreed to allow the teepee to be raised on the south side of the barricades, just inside the East gate. It took two attempts to raise the teepee because the canvas was not long enough for the poles and needed a shorter tie-off at the top.Johnny Wabigwan, from Thessalon First Nation, was also arrested. APTN/PhotoA press conference is planned for 10 a.m. local time on Parliament Hill Thursday about the next steps in the ceremonial action. Some of the water protectors are expected to commence fasts.Assembly of First Nation Ontario regional Chief Isadore Day appeared at the action in a show of support and helped raise the teepee along with Madahbee.“There will be moments over the next several hours, the next couple of days when negativity will want to come in here. It doesn’t belong here,” said Day, during a short speech. “Peace and friendship, that is on what the original treaties are built.”Day’s cousin Candace Day Neveau is one of the Bawating water protectors. She said the action is just about reclaiming ceremony.“We have to have faith in our traditions,” she said.The last major fast in Ottawa occurred over the 2012-2013 winter when former Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence held a liquids-only fast on Victoria Island during the height of the Idle No More read more

DMA opposes Niti Aayogs notice of allowing modern medicine practice to BDS

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi Medical Association (DMA) has opposed the recently issued meeting notice by the Niti Ayog that talks about allowing dentists to practice modern medicine by doing a bridge course.The doctors said that government should provide more job opportunities to the dentists in dental care rather than allowing them to practice modern medicine. The doctors were speaking to the media at the DMA office in Delhi over the a recent notice by the Health and Family Welfare Division of Niti Aayog that talks of exploring the option of allowing dentists to practice family medicine/mainstream medicine following a bridge course to tackle the shortage of doctors across the country. Also Read – Odd-Even: CM seeks transport dept’s views on exemption to women, two wheelers, CNG vehiclesThe meeting notice was issued by Jyoti Khattar, Senior Research Officer, Health of Health and Family Welfare Division of Niti Aayog, on April 18, 2019. Dr Girish Tyagi, President, DMA said: “We oppose government’s any attempt that allows dentists to practice medicine. Government is not creating enough job opportunities for doctors. Doctors are recruited on contract basis and they are exploited. If government comes up with any such notice or ordinance, we will strongly oppose it.” Also Read – More good air days in Delhi due to Centre’s steps: JavadekarDr Tyagi added that every allied profession to medicine has a unique identity and serves a specific purpose. “Dentists, nurses, optometrists and pharmacists have a role and should contribute their services in the respective field. To baptize them as mid-level medical practitioners through a six month bridge course is being indifferent to the need for patient safety and patient care,” explained Dr Tyagi. The DMA will also urge local medical associations of other states to oppose the government’s proposed move.last_img read more

Treatment of Prisoners in Edhibia Prison in Tindouf Camps Violates International

Rabat – The release of a condemnatory report on the inhumane conditions in the Edhibia prison in the Tindouf camps reflects the growing concern from Sahwaris about the situation in the camps and the failures of the Polisario leadership.On September 3, pro-Polisario news outlet Futuro Sahara published a “special investigation, ” criticizing serious human rights violations in the Edhibia prison.The report, entitled , “has the al-Edhibia prison become one of the worst prisons in North Africa?” narrowed its focus to condemning the situation of Sahrawi detainees in the prison. Currently, 58 Sahrawi detainees are being held in the Edhibia prison. The prison has only seven cells and so the 58 prisoners currently incarcerated far exceed its capacity. The report explained that the overpopulation of the jail is in direct contravention of the international standards that Polisario pledged to respect.“The institution belonging to the ‘Sahrawi state’  for many years has been out of the spotlight,” the report said.The seven cells, according to Futuro Sahara, have become overcrowded as some of them cannot accommodate more than six people.“It is one of the dirtiest and ugliest prisons in the region compared to prisons in Mauritania and Algeria, without comparison with Moroccan prisons,” said the condemnatory report.The publication added that the Polisario leadership has forgotten that Edhibia jail is a “prison institution that is supposed to comply with international standards that respect the freedom of prisoners and provide them with some basic rights.”Read Also: Western Sahara and Alhurra TV’s Affront to the Moroccan PeopleThe investigation also condemns the sudden searches that prisoners are subject to three times a week.Isolation and tortureThe report also drew attention to the use of torture and solitary confinement. “A minor mistake can lead a prisoner to an isolated cell, abuse, physical torture from the gendarmerie. If ever one dies in the prison [ due to torture] there is nothing easier than making it seem like a suicide.”Prisoners are “prevented from going out to the prison recreation space to enjoy the sun. They are also prevented from having sports activities,” reported Futuro Sahara.Prisoners are forbidden from talking to each other, according to the investigative report. They are also kept from contact with the outside world and current affairs.“It is strange to find an educated young man not aware of the word ‘Khashoggi,’” referring to the case of the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.“For example, one of them [prisoners] still believes that the Mauritanian president is still Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.”“The isolation of inmates in Edhabia prison contravenes international laws.”The investigation warned that oppression might have negative effects on the mental health of prisoners.“The aim of the world’s prison institutions is to reform rather than increasing the number of mentally disturbed people in society.”Silencing protestersPolisario ‘authorities’ are currently holding three Sahwari activists who have no been in prison for more than 74 days. The activists were arrested for taking part in peaceful protests to condemn inhumane conditions and human rights violations in the Tindouf camps.The families of the activists have been protesting the arbitrary arrest of the three activists and have called on Polisario leader, Ibrahim Ghali, to release the activists and explain the charges against them. This is not the first time that the Polisario Front faces accusations for violations in the camps. Throughout the year, the family of Ahmed El Khalil has been condemning the Polisario Front for its silence on the forced disappearance of their relative who has now been missing for more than 10 years. read more

Council members slam Lanka Updated

Meanwhile the European Union also welcomed Pillay’s recent visit to Sri Lanka and called on the government to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).The EU also raised concerns over reports that people who met Pillay had been intimidated or threatened. She said that Pillay was able to examine outstanding concerns on human rights, justice and democratic governance. Several members of the UN Human Rights Council today slammed Sri Lanka over the alleged threats faced by people who met the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay during her recent visit to Sri Lanka.The United States (US) urged the Sri Lankan government to make use of the UN offer of technical assistance on addressing human rights related issues. Speaking at the 24th session of the UN Human Rights Council today, the US Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, said the US also welcomes the recent visit to Sri Lanka by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. Germany meanwhile said it was “appalled” about the reports that people Pillay met in Sri Lanka were threatened.The German delegation said this shows the level of threats faced by human rights defenders and journalists in Sri Lanka.The Austrian delegation urged the government to respond to allegations of intimidation, reprisals and attacks against local human rights defenders and journalists. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Ottawa wont change EI program but acknowledges not all will be better

OTTAWA – Human Resources Minister Diane Finley is sticking to her guns on controversial changes to employment insurance, although she concedes not all workers will be better off.The minister told the House of Commons on Monday her pilot project will help Canadians remain attached to the labour force while collecting EI benefits, and will encourage them to work longer hours.The pilot, introduced Aug. 5, replaces the previous system that clawed back EI claimants who found part-time jobs once their pay exceeded 40 per cent of their benefits, or $75 a week, whichever was greater.The new program reduced the clawback on new earnings to 50 per cent, but kicks in with the first dollar earned, not at 40 per cent.The effect is that low-wage earners will wind up penalized by the new system; however, those who work longer hours and at higher pay will wind up being able to keep more of their earnings.NDP members tabled a motion Monday asking the government to take steps to fix the program, with one MP saying four in 10 affected by the program would wind up with less take-home pay under the new system.“This country is short of workers. We have employers who are begging for skilled labour … and the old system discouraged people from working more than one day a week,” Finley responded.“There are cases, yes, where somebody was better (off) on day one, but they were totally discouraged from working days two, three and four.”British Columbia MP Kennedy Steward noted the average EI recipient receives about $360 in weekly benefits, meaning he or she would have little incentive to find work unless it paid at least $300 a week. If the part-time job paid only half that, the worker would be about $70 worse off under the new rules as opposed to the old.“The minister should admit she made a mistake here and redesign the program so it works properly,” he said.Finley has been under attack on the changes almost from the first day Parliament resumed in mid-September, with Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner of Nova Scotia leading the charge, peppering the government with examples of individuals adversely impacted.One such person is Rhonda Smith, a manager at a veterinary hospital in Halifax who went on maternity leave and returned to work for one day a week prior to the August changes. Under the old program, she kept all of the $143 she earned in addition to her EI benefits; under the new, $71 was clawed back.She said in an interview that once she pays for daycare, she nets about $10 for her one day of work.“It’s very frustrating to suddenly change my benefits that I worked for and paid taxes for half-way through my maternity leave,” she said. “It was a slap in the face, basically.”She said the government should be encouraging mothers to re-integrate back into the workforce, rather than discouraging them.“Whether it was intended or unintended, there are people being hurt,” Cuzner told Finley. “What we are trying to do today is to try and help some of the most hard-pressed in this country.”During debate in the House, Finley said the program encourages unemployed Canadians “to work more while on claim.” She said the old system discouraged workers from seeking to earn more beyond a certain point. by Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 1, 2012 5:41 pm MDT Ottawa won’t change EI program, but acknowledges not all will be better off AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Chrysler recalling nearly 870000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Dodge Durango SUVs due to

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Chrysler recalling nearly 870,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango SUVs due to brake defect by The Associated Press Posted Apr 2, 2014 5:41 am MDT DETROIT – Chrysler is recalling nearly 870,000 SUVs, including 42,380 in Canada, because corrosion may make the vehicles’ brakes harder to use.Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango SUVs from the 2011 through 2014 model years are involved.Chrysler says crimp joints in the brake boosters can corrode if they’re exposed to water. If the water freezes, the boosters won’t aid braking as they usually do.Chrysler began investigating after some customers said their brakes felt too firm when pressed down. The company knows of one accident, but no injuries, due to the defect.Dealers will install a shield to protect the boosters for free and replace boosters that aren’t working properly.Chrysler has since changed the design to make the boosters more corrosion resistant.Chrysler will notify owners of the recall, which involves 867,795 vehicles. That includes 644,354 in the United States, 21,376 in Mexico and 159,685 in other countries outside the NAFTA region. read more

Softbank launches a Yahoo branded phone that runs Android

first_imgThe term “Google Phone” is set to get more popular in the coming years now that Google owns a hardware company in the form of Motorola Mobility. It is the only search company to have its own smartphone, or so we thought. There’s now some unexpected competition from Yahoo!The Yahoo! Phone is being launched in Japan by carrier SoftBank, but it’s not something Google should worry about as a potential competitor for its mobile OS and hardware partners. In fact, Google can count Yahoo! and SoftBank as allies in this instance. That’s because the Yahoo! Phone runs Android 2.3.The reason for the Yahoo! branding comes down to the inclusion of 13 apps shipped with the device. Apart from that it seems like a pretty basic Android smartphone with a large 4-inch (960 x 540) QHD display, 8-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and CDMA and GSM connectivity.The hardware is actually based on the Sharp Aquos 009SH phone with 3D capabilities, although it’s not clear if the same 3D feature is available on this version which carries an additional Y in the model name.The only other feature of note is access to Yahoo! Premium services free for two years, which is worth $4.50 a month. This includes earning additional points for everything bought through Yahoo! Shopping which can no doubt be used to buy even more stuff.It may seem like an unusual choice for Yahoo! to brand a phone that runs a rival’s operating system and therefore pushes alternative services, but then there’s little choice to go elsewhere anymore. If running on top of Android turns into a profitable approach, we will probably see Yahoo! branding more phones, and possible tablet hardware too in future.Read more at VR-Zone and TechCrunchlast_img read more

Un médecin parvient à changer des yeux marrons en yeux bleus avec

first_imgUn médecin parvient à changer des yeux marrons en yeux bleus avec un laserUn médecin californien a annoncé avoir développé une technologie utilisant un laser et qui permettrait de modifier la coloration de l’iris de l’oeil. Qui n’est jamais tombé en admiration devant les beaux yeux bleus d’un inconnu ou d’une connaissance ? Bleu, gris, vert, noisette, marron, il existe pour nos yeux une infinité de coloration plus ou moins contrastée et plus ou moins nuancée. Mais bien que plus rares, les yeux clairs détiennent toujours la place de favoris. A tel point que les parents, dont l’un a les yeux bleus et l’autre marrons, en viennent parfois à souhaiter que leur progéniture hérite de la couleur claire. Mais que tous les propriétaires d’yeux marrons déçus se réjouissent, il est aujourd’hui devenu possible de changer la couleur de ses iris sans faire appel à des lentilles.  C’est du moins ce qu’affirme le docteur Gregg Homer du Stromal Medical de Californie qui explique avoir développé un procédé baptisé Lumineye Technology permettant de changer des yeux marrons en yeux bleus. “Mes clients disent que les yeux sont une fenêtre sur l’âme. Un oeil bleu n’est pas opaque, on peut voir profondément dedans, tandis qu’un oeil marron est très opaque. Je pense qu’il y a quelque chose de très significatif dans cette notion d’avoir des fenêtres ouvertes sur l’âme”, explique le praticien interrogé par et cité par le Daily Mail.  La technologie développée est en fait basée sur l’utilisation d’un laser dont l’énergie permet de retirer le pigment marron, la mélanine, qui recouvre la couche supérieure de l’iris et de laisser émerger la couleur bleue. Car en effet, dans la nature il n’existe pas de pigment bleu. Dans les yeux de couleur claire, le pigment marron se trouve en fait dans le fond de l’iris et n’est présent qu’en très petites quantités dans la couche supérieure. Cela signifie que les plus grandes longueurs d’onde de la lumière sont absorbées par le fond de l’oeil alors que les plus petites sont disséminées, d’où l’aspect clair. Environ 3.600 euros pour changer la couleur de ses yeux À lire aussiL’haemolacria, quand les yeux se mettent à pleurer du sangSuite à l’opération, il faut néanmoins attendre 2 à 3 semaines pour que la couleur bleue apparaisse réellement. Un changement qui devient alors irréversible, car le tissu brun est incapable de se régénérer, précise le Dr Homer qui a mis une dizaine d’années à développer le procédé. Pour l’heure, toutefois, le Stromal Medical n’a réalisé que des essais limités sur l’humain et attend encore quelque 800.000 euros pour compléter les tests cliniques.Si les résultats s’avèrent positifs, la technologie pourrait arriver sur le marché mondial (hors Etats-Unis) dans les 18 mois et sur le marché américain dans les 3 ans. Néanmoins, il en coûtera tout de même environ 3.600 euros (5.000 dollars) pour subir l’opération. Malgré ce prix, le Dr Homer indique avoir déjà été contacté par des milliers de personnes intéressées, depuis que la Lumineye Technology s’est fait connaitre.  Un trait récessif vieux de milliers d’années En 2008, des scientifiques de l’Université de Copenhague, ont découvert que toutes les personnes possédant des yeux bleus descendaient d’un seul ancêtre vivant il y a entre 6.000 et 10.000 ans. Celui-ci aurait été le premier à présenter une mutation génétique d’un des gènes intervenant dans la coloration des iris, lui donnant ainsi des yeux bleus. Selon le professeur Eiberg qui a dirigé l’étude, avant cela, tous les hommes avaient les yeux marrons.  Le 5 novembre 2011 à 18:02 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

KPBSD Want To Help With 33 Million Deficit Do Your Homework

first_imgAnother way the legislature has been looking to cut costs for Alaskan school districts is trying to find other options for health care, a top cost for districts. For those who’d like to be involved but can’t make the KPBSD’s budget sessions, Jones pressed the importance of contacting state legislators since about 70% of funding comes from state allocations. During the KPBSD Facebook Live Q&A on Feb 1, Assistant Superintendent Dave Jones asked that parents and community members, “do your homework before you come” to the upcoming budget sessions.  Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is estimating a $3.3 million budget deficit by students’ start date in August and they’re looking for ideas from the community to combat that. Assist. Super. Jones: “[With] the legislators currently trying to put together a fiscal plan, if people not only tell them that the expenditures on education are important but they’re willing to support those through a sales tax, an income tax, some sort of additional revenue the state can use to fund the education, that’ll go a long ways to helping with it.” Story as aired: Audio PlayerAshley-on-school-budget.mp3VmAshley-on-school-budget.mp300:00RPd Assist. Super. Jones: “There needs to be some accountability on the healthcare side so I think on the cost side that could help. And then I think one of the things that the legislature has looked at is if we take all of the people that work for the state, school districts, municipalities, and we all were in the same pool, bargaining-wise with the medical community we’d be in a lot different position than we currently are if we all go individually to them.” Assist. Super. Jones: “That’s why we’ve posted the information we’ve given to the board, as we did in January with them. We have a 3.3 million deficit, the board’s committed to use 1.3, that means we’re looking at how are we going to deal with 2 million. so what we’re asking people to do is loook that information that we’ve provided, talk to your principals, get educated before that meeting, and we’re going to start this time, not with a review of where we’re at revenue and expenditure wise but we’re going to start with what can we do.” Jones says another impactful way to the importance of funding for the KPBSD with legislators is by sharing success stories of local children to demonstrate how the funds allocated by the state are used.last_img read more

Cambodia building collapse kills 7

first_imgRescue workers remove a victim from the debris after an under-construction building collapsed in Sihanoukville on 22 June 2019. At least three people died when an under-construction building collapsed at a Cambodian beach resort early on 22 June, officials said, with fears an unknown number of others may still be buried in the rubble. Photo: AFPAt least seven people died Saturday when an under-construction building owned by a Chinese company collapsed at a Cambodian beach resort, officials said, as rescuers scoured the giant rubble heap for survivors.The building went down before sunrise in the casino-resort town Sihanoukville in southwestern Cambodia, a rapidly developing tourist hotspot awash with Chinese investments.Four people have been arrested in connection with the accident, including the Chinese building owner, the head of the construction firm and the contractor. A Cambodian landowner has also been held at provincial headquarter for questioning.The seven-storey building was almost 80 per cent complete when it crashed down early Saturday, the deadliest such accident in recent years in Cambodia.”Now the death toll from the building collapse is seven,” Sihanoukville city police chief Thul Phorsda said, after officials earlier pinned the number of dead at three.At least 21 people were reported injured — several critically — and at least three of the dead were Cambodian, including two workers and a translator.Rescue workers in hard hats pulled people from a mountain of concrete, wood and twisted metal.Medical workers attended to a shirtless injured man as concerned crowds built up around the site, while scores of soldiers and police joined the search for survivors.”Teams continue to search for more victims,” a provincial official statement said, adding that an investigation into the accident had been launched.There was no confirmation of precisely how many people were at the building at the time of the collapse, though earlier officials said 30 people were feared trapped.Around 50 workers would normally have been on the site at the time, Preah Sihanouk governor Yun Min said.The building belonged to a Chinese national who rented the land from a Cambodian owner. The construction firm and contractor were both Chinese-owned as well.Sihanoukville was once a sleepy fishing community before being claimed first by Western backpackers, and then wealthy Russians.Chinese investment has flooded in in recent years, spurring a construction boom in a resort town known for its casinos which pull in mainland tourists.There are around 50 Chinese-owned casinos and dozens of hotel complexes under construction.Between 2016 and 2018, $1 billion was invested by Chinese government and private businesses in the Preah Sihanouk province, according to official statistics.Cambodia, one of Southeast Asia’s poorest countries, has notoriously lax safety laws and labour protections. Accidents are common at its building sites.last_img read more

US sanctions Irans foreign minister Zarif

first_imgIranian foreign minister Javad Zarif. AFP file photoThe United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions against Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, effectively slamming the door on the country’s top diplomat.The sanctions freeze any of Zarif’s assets in the United States or that are controlled by US entities, the government announced, saying it also will curtail his international travel.”Zarif implements the reckless agenda of Iran’s Supreme Leader, and is the regime’s primary spokesperson around the world. The United States is sending a clear message to the Iranian regime that its recent behavior is completely unacceptable,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.The designation of Zarif under the same sanctions earlier applied to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the latest blow by President Donald Trump to the Obama administration’s attempt to end nuclear tensions through negotiations.But in a mixed message to Tehran, Washington Wednesday extended waivers for three Iranian civil nuclear projects, to avoid upsetting the other signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement — China, Russia, Germany, France and Britain.”This is a short 90 day extension,” said White House National Security Advisor John Bolton, a champion of the hawkish policy towards Tehran.”We are watching those nuclear activities very, very closely, they remain under daily scrutiny,” he told Fox Business.Zarif has been at the heart of complex talks with foreign capitals over Iran’s nuclear power industry, which Tehran says is peaceful, but Washington and regional allies including Israel insist is cover for a secret weapons program.But a senior Trump administration official said that Zarif’s diplomatic image — bolstered by his fluent English, self-effacing humor and background as a US-educated academic — was false.”The key issue is that he has had this veneer… of being the sincere and reasonable interlocutor for the regime. Our point today is that he is no such thing,” the official said on condition of anonymity.”Today President Trump decided enough was enough,” the official said, accusing Zarif of functioning as “propaganda minister, not foreign minister.”Zarif shot back, tweeting that Washington is trying to silence Iran on the international stage.”The US’ reason for designating me is that I am Iran’s ‘primary spokesperson around the world’ Is the truth really that painful?” he tweeted.Short leash at UNIn addition to attempting to freeze assets, Washington will also squeeze Zarif’s ability to function as a globe-trotting diplomat. He is expected to be able to continue to visit the United Nations in New York, albeit under tight restrictions.”The United States will continue to uphold our obligations,” the administration official said.In mid-July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Zarif would be issued a visa but would be limited to the area reaching six blocks around the UN headquarters.Trump last year left the 2015 denuclearization accord negotiated by Zarif with six nations including the United States under former president Barack Obama and imposed crippling sanctions on Tehran’s economy, also vowing to curb Tehran’s regional influence.With tensions escalating in June, Trump says he issued a last-minute cancellation of military strikes on Iran after it shot down a US drone.Critics question the legal or diplomatic rationale for targeting Zarif, however, saying that sanctions will all but end the possibility of dialogue.”If you sanction diplomats you’ll have less diplomacy,” Republican Senator Rand Paul tweeted.The senior administration official insisted that Washington still wants talks — only not with Zarif.US diplomats “do not consider him to be our primary point of contact,” the official said. “If we do have an official contact with the Iranians, we want someone who is a significant decision maker.””The United States continues to seek a diplomatic solution that addresses the Iranian regime’s destructive behavior. The only path forward is a comprehensive deal that addresses the full range of its threats,” Pompeo said in a statement.”Until then, our campaign of diplomatic isolation and maximum economic pressure will continue,” he said.Zarif, meanwhile, sought to minimize the sanctions’ impact on him, tweeting that they have “no effect on me or my family, as I have no property or interests outside of Iran. Thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda.”last_img read more

Digital Star LaurDIY on Building a Business on YouTube Avoiding Burnout and

first_img YouTube Lets Creators Add Higher-Priced Membership Tiers, Paid ‘Super Stickers’ Popular on Variety VidCon Sets First Move Into Asia With Singapore Summit in December 2019 Riihimaki, who currently lives in L.A, grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (near Niagara Falls), the only child of her Japanese mother and Ukranian-Finnish father. She credits her mom with encouraging her early interest in arts and crafts to put her on the path to becoming LaurDIY: “I was a toddler with crayons and paper, and I’ve been able turn it into this whole career and brand,” she said, adding with a laugh, “Neither of my parents are crafty themselves.”She claims she’s not a natural performer and has had to develop that muscle for her YouTube videos. “I’m like an introvert. I have no performance background,” she said. “You start by sitting with yourself and talking into a camera — most extroverted teenagers aren’t doing that.”At the end of the day, Riihimaki said, “Everything is a learning experience. There’s nothing I wish I hadn’t done.” Related “I think most YouTubers don’t realize they’re building brands as they establish engagement with fans,” said Riihimaki. “I have an entrepreneurial mindset and have grown into this opportunity.”Riihimaki has merchandise partnerships with a range of retailers, including Walmart, Target, Arden, Amazon and Hobby Lobby. The portfolio includes everything from LaurDIY-branded crafting kits to jewelry, and from plushies to apparel like hoodies and T-shirts. For Riihimaki, the key is in developing products that appeal both to core fans as well as the general public.Retailers like Target and Walmart “have a massive consumer base, and they don’t know who you are,” she said. “You have to make things that are generic enough that people would see it on the shelf and be interested in it even if they don’t know who I am, but also cater to people who are fans… It’s all trial and error.” Her advice for other creators expanding into merch: Focus on stuff you think your fans will like and “start with 100 T-shirts before ordering 25,000!”Her biggest challenge as an internet star, she said, is balancing her public and private life. Last fall, she went through a very public breakup with fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi; the couple had earned the nickname “Laurex.” She’s now dating again but isn’t revealing nearly as much about her new boyfriend, Jeremy Lewis.“I had to take a step back then figure out how to have that balance of public-private,” she said. Riihimaki took a break from vlogging on YouTube and is being careful about how much of her romantic life she shares (though her miniature bull terrier, Moose, makes regular guest appearances).YouTube is always “home base” as her content platform, she said, but she’s more likely to use Instagram to document her new relationship. “An Instagram photo is so much less intimate than a 20-minute vlog,” she said.Riihimaki said the risk of burnout is an occupational hazard of a career YouTuber and something she’s careful to keep an eye on. “Burnout is absolutely so real. It’s so tempting to choose editing over a healthy night of sleep,” she said. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Like many YouTubers, Lauren Riihimaki — better known to millions of fans as LaurDIY — began her creator career unintentionally: She started posting crafty, do-it-yourself videos as a hobby in 2011.Fast-forward to today, and her popular how-to tutorials and vlogs have been viewed more than 1.1 billion times on YouTube. LaurDIY has blossomed into a multifaceted business, encompassing a team of about a dozen people supporting her content production, advertising, lines of merchandise and partnerships.Next week, Riihimaki is heading to VidCon in Anaheim, Calif., where she’s one of the featured creators at the 10th annual fan and industry confab. She’ll do the usual meet-and-greet with fans and participate in panel discussions, including a session in a new track, IAB Brand Storytellers @ VidCon, discussing how online video creators are their own direct-to-consumer brands and what that means for the marketers that want to tap into her brand. “When you go on vacation it’s tempting to vlog the whole vacation,” Riihimaki continued. “We want to bring the fans along — they’re the reason we’re in this career — but it’s about finding time to put the camera down, be present and enjoy the moment.”The 25-year-old has a huge fanbase, with 9 million YouTube subscribers, 6 million Twitter followers and 5.1 million on Instagram. During her workday, she sets aside time to connect with her fans, whom she refers to as “#prettylittlelaurs.” “When a video goes live, in the first hour you try to be active in responding to comments. That’s when people are most active,” she said.Riihimaki added that it can be tough “when the relationship on the viewer side goes too far.”“People think they know you,” she said. “They think they’re entitled to your phone number or address. There’s a boundary: ‘No, you can’t have my phone number!’”Riihimaki shoots video almost every day, for either her vlog or main production videos, which are posted once per week. In addition to tutorials, she produces “haul” videos (shopping recaps) and segments on room decor, clothing, product testing, and life hacks. She has a regular series called “DIY Master” in which she tries new things; most recently, she learned how to use a tattoo gun — and she tattooed one of her friends.As her fans grow older, LaurDIY said, she’s less focused on back-to-school videos and more on personality-driven content. She’s done collab videos with her friend Josh Peck (of Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh”) and recently played piano alongside seven-sister singing group Cimorelli, who performed a cover of a Billie Eilish song (“the most unique collaboration I’ve done,” Riihimaki said).In running the business, Riihimaki works with her management team at Select Management, along with an assistant, publicist, camera operator, a couple of video editors, a lawyer and licensing agent. She also is affiliated with Kin Community, a female-focused multichannel network and media company that sells premium ad inventory for her YouTube channel.last_img read more

CESC helplines for Puja organisers to address power problems

first_imgKolkata: CESC will start a dedicated helpline from Friday to address the problem of the Durga organisers with utmost priority. The Puja organisers will be given necessary assistance regarding application for power connection, problem with power supply or for any other exigency. The helpline numbers will be 9831079666 and 9831083700.Addressing a press conference in the city, Avijit Ghosh, vice-president (Distribution) said the CESC is taking all necessary measures for a safe and bright Durga Puja. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life”As per our estimates, the demand will be the highest on the day of Shashti and is expected to go up to 1,860 MW and on the day of Saptami, it may reach 1,650 MW. We are ready to meet the extra demand for power during the festival,” Ghosh reiterated.According to him, the demand is highest on the day of Shashti as most of the offices remain open on that day.It may be mentioned that on June 18 this year, the CESC has been able to cater to a demand of 2131 MW. On June 19 in the year 2017, the CESC had met the demand of 2,159 MW successfully. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedHe added that the CESC is giving special emphasis on electrical safety to avoid any unfortunate incident. “We will be conducting regular surveillance at the Puja pandals to ensure that there is no hooking or attempts to procure power in illegal manner,” a senior CESC official said.CESC has asked the Puja organisers to use fire-resistant low-smoke cables within the pandals to reduce the risk of electrical fire. They have been directed to avoid old/frayed wires as well.”The joints in wirings should be avoided as far as possible. In case this is unavoidable, the joints should be carefully insulated/taped,” the official added.The electricians have been informed about the importance of all electrical connections being earthed properly.It may be mentioned that last year more than 77 percent of the applications from Puja organisers came online and all of them were processed in quick time.last_img read more

EC announces May 19 as bypoll date for Darjeeling

first_imgDarjeeling: The Election Commission has announced the date of by-election for the Darjeeling Assembly Constituency. The Hill town will go to polls on May 19. The results will be declared on May 23, together with the general election results.Interestingly, the last phase of elections is also scheduled on May 19, when nine Lok Sabha constituencies will go to polls. With Darjeeling MLA Amar Singh Rai resigning and contesting in the ongoing elections from the Darjeeling parliamentary constituency, the seat of MLA has fallen vacant. Polling has taken place for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections on April 18 in Darjeeling. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe Election Commission stated on Friday that gazette notification for the Assembly elections will be published on April 22. From that day onwards, nominations will start. The last date of filing nominations will be April 29. Incidentally Rai, the MLA affiliated to GJM, had resigned from the state Legislative Assembly and had filed his nomination for the Parliamentary elections, contesting on a TMC ticket backed by GJM. After having worked as a professor for more than three decades, Rai retired as a vice-principal in 2008. Following this, he joined active politics in 2011. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateIn the very same year, he was elected as chairman of the Darjeeling Municipality. During his tenure, the Municipality was successful in getting the Rs 205 crore AMRUT project sanctioned by the state government, to solve the drinking water crisis of the Hill town. A solid waste management project worth Rs 15 crore was also passed under his chairmanship. After completing his term as chairman of the municipality in 2016, Rai had contested the Vidhan Sabha elections from Darjeeling and was elected with the highest number of votes. A source in the Election Commission said that there are five other Assembly seats in Bengal, where by-elections will take place. However, the dates have not been announced yet for the same. The by-election for Uluberia East will be held on May 6- the day of the fifth phase of Lok Sabha polls. The seat has been lying vacant after the death of Haider Aziz Safwi.last_img read more

Firebug discontinued as separate Firefox addon

first_imgFirebug discontinued as separate Firefox add-on by Martin Brinkmann on December 20, 2016 in Firefox – Last Update: December 20, 2016 – 29 commentsMozilla and the Firebug team announced today that development of Firebug as a separate Firefox add-on has been discontinued.Firebug, probably the most popular third-party development add-on for Firefox ever, has been available for Firefox for a very long time.I mentioned it here in 2008 for instance as one of the top five Firefox add-ons. The Firebug team announced back in 2014 that it would shift development from Firebug the add-on to contributing to Firefox’s native development tools instead.There were good reasons for the change, but the main one was the introduction of Firefox’s multi-process architecture. Firebug 2 is not multi-process compatible, and changing code to make it that would have been possible in a recent amount of time with the resources at hand.Unfortunately, Firebug wasn’t designed with multiprocess in mind, and making it work in this new scenario would have required an extremely difficult and costly rewrite. The Firebug Working Group agreed they didn’t have enough resources to implement such a massive architectural change.Another reason was that Firefox’s built-in Developer Tools got better and better, and that it did not really make much sense to continue work on Firebug if the Developer Tools would offer most of the add-on’s functionality already.Additionally, Firefox’s built-in developer tools have been gaining speed, so it made sense to base the next version of Firebug on these tools instead.The Firebug Working Group decided therefore that the best course of action was to discontinue development of Firebug 3, and join the Mozilla DevTools team instead to bring Firebug exclusive functionality to the built-in Developer Tools, and to make the Firefox Developer Tools even greater with the added manpower and experience.The announcement puts development of Firebug 2 to an end. The last version of Firebug is version 2.0.18 released October 7, 2016. This version is still compatible with Firefox, but only if the browser’s multi-process architecture is not enabled.Several features of Firebug found their way into Firefox already:The DOM panel, the Firebug theme, Server-side log messages, the HTTP inspector (aka XHR Spy), and various popular add-ons like FireQuery, HAR export, and PixelPerfect. Also, over 40 bugs were fixed to close the gap between DevTools and Firebug.Firebug add-on users may want to check out the “migrating from Firebug” guide over on the Mozilla Developer Network for information on differences between Firebug and the Firefox Developer Tools.Closing WordsThe decision to merge Firebug features into Firefox’s Developer Tools, and discontinue Firebug development makes sense on many levels. While it will leave some users behind, the majority will probably have little issues with migrating to the built-in Developer Tools. Mozilla asks Firebug users to report missing features here. (Thanks Sahil)Now You: What’s your take on the decision to discontinue Firebug?SummaryArticle NameFirebug discontinued as separate Firefox add-onDescriptionMozilla and the Firebug team announced today that development of Firebug as a separate Firefox add-on has been discontinued.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Wccftech Deals – 6 Month Pandora One Subscription

first_img Share Tweet Submit Music is a magical thing, able to inspire and help you be creative. Not for nothing, it can help you through an emotional time if you listen to sad music. Pandora has quickly become a popular and wonderful way to experience some of greatest music around. What’s not popular, however, are those annoying ads. A premium subscription is almost mandatory for that aural magic.Six months of Pandora one can be yours for a paltry $20, get only the best in internet radio.Pandora isn’t necessarily expensive, but it’s better when there’s a deal going on, so for $24, 20% off, you can have six months of Pandora One, the premium subscription service for Pandora. This way you can enjoy more actual music, and less pesky ads, all for a lot less than normal.What you get for $24:Enjoy your radio free of adsGet more daily “skips”Listen for long periods of time without timeoutsExperience premium-quality audio at 192k bits per secondUtilize on any supported deviceCustomize the aesthetics of your Pandora web playerlast_img read more

Firms Boost Originations Shrink Servicing in Q2

first_imgFirms Boost Originations, Shrink Servicing in Q2 The second quarter of 2014 saw a sizable jump in mortgage origination volumes, while servicing portfolios shrank at many of the biggest firms, according to a market report.Based on data collected from April through June, Mortgage Daily reported a 24 percent quarterly increase in mortgage originations to an estimated $296 billion among all lenders as of June 30.Production still fell short 51 percent on an annual basis as consumer demand for mortgages remained anemic and credit standards stayed tight.Mortgage Daily’s report comes a week after the latest market analysis from investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, which observed a 22 percent second-quarter improvement in originations among the lenders it tracks.Wells Fargo kept its top spot as the most active lender for the quarter, posting $47 billion in new loans. JPMorgan Chase followed in the second rank with a reported $18 billion.Underneath those spots, Bank of America ($14 billion) took third place, knocking Quicken Loans ($13 billion) down to fourth, followed by U.S. Bank ($12 billion).Together, the 10 biggest second-quarter lenders turned in 46 percent of industry originations.While most lenders also reported stronger application pipelines moving into Q3, statistics tracked by LoanSifter/Optimal Blue and Mortgage Daily indicate a 3 percent decline in loan volumes for July, August, and September.In the servicing arena, Wells Fargo also reigned, boasting a nearly $1.8 trillion portfolio.Following Wells were Chase ($953 billion), BofA ($760 billion), Ocwen ($381 billion), and Nationstar ($379 billion).With the exception of No. 10—Quicken—none of the top 10 servicers actually grew their portfolios last quarter. in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, News, Origination, Servicing Bank of America JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Applications Originations Quicken Wells Fargo 2014-08-19 Tory Barringercenter_img August 19, 2014 523 Views Sharelast_img read more

You might also be interested in

first_img You might also be interested in The Chilean clementine season is running slightly ahead of last year despite expectations for a year-on-year drop overall.Juan Enrique Ortúzar of the Chilean Citrus Committee told FreshFruitPortal the country had so far shipped around 10,000 metric tons (MT).Growers have harvested around 17% of the crop, compared to 15% by this time last year.But Ortúzar said that the increase “does not reflect the forecast decline of 8-10% estimated by the Committee”.According to Julio Cornejo, a citrus advisor, the increase to-date is due to greater supplies of early varieties.In addition, he said that the fruit sizing is coming along “quite well”. Growers have made an effort recently to achieve the best sizing possible, he explained.”There is a real consciousness that it is important to have good sizes, and that is being reflected in the fruit that is a little larger this year,” he said.A good number of degree days contributed to the good sizing this year, he said. This has also helped the fruit achieve good sugar levels.Chilean clementine season off to good startThe industry has also enjoyed favorable growing conditions, according to Ortúzar. “This season it’s hardly rained at all, so we’re able to harvest really easily,” he said.The industry is expecting to harvest around 58,000MT, slightly under last year’s number. However, Ortúzar said that he sees “quite strong growth” in the industry.”There’s varietal reconversion in some areas. For example, in the northern area, there’s a crisis with the Flame variety of table grape, which has led to an increase in citrus plantings,” he said. “There are some growers who instead of planting grapes are planting clementines and mandarins.”The varietal reconversion is largely taking place on older orchards that were planted in the 90s, he said.Market responseAs for the market response for Chilean clementines so far this season, Ortúzar said that everything has been going well.”I think that the season has started off strong. The markets are waiting and they have high expectations for Chilean clementines,” he said.However, he noted that Chile still focuses too heavily on the U.S. market and is seeking growth elsewhere.”I think that getting into China is important. It’s going to give a new boost to citrus and it’s possible that we develop new lines of products a bit different from what we have planted for the U.S. market,” he said.”We’re going to have to be aware of the preferences of the Chinese market that really values sweet fruit with low acidity.”One of the key issues in the Chilean soft citrus industry at the moment is finding a variety that fills the window after clementines finish and before mandarins start.”Although clementines and W. Murcott mandarins can supply the market during the citrus season, we’re missing a variety that can cover the gap between them,” he said. Experts analyze biggest challenges facing Chile at … Chilean blueberries fetched lower prices in 2018-1 … center_img Chile forecasts slight dip in citrus exports for 2 … May 28 , 2019 Chilean kiwifruit production to drop this season … last_img read more

Above Mahu Whenua Lodge at dusk  New Zealands n

first_imgAbove: Mahu Whenua Lodge at dusk. New Zealand’s new South Island luxury lodge, Mahu Whenua Lodge, and the established Matakauri Lodge have partnered together to offer a Central Otago ‘Tried, True and Something New’ luxury escape package, valid until 30 September.The package includes four nights at the acclaimed ‘tried and true’ Matakauri Lodge and three nights experiencing ‘something new’ at the recently opened Mahu Whenua Lodge.Matakauri Lodge, lounge and diningMatakauri Lodge is just seven minutes from bustling Queenstown,  positioned on the edge of Lake Wakatipu. The retreat offers panoramic views of the lake, The Remarkables, and Cecil and Walter Peaks. Guests can visit nearby Queenstown town centre, Arrowtown or hit the ski slopes.Matakauri Lodge Deluxe SuiteThe new Mahu Whenua Lodge is a luxury alpine lodge, set amidst 136,000 acres of the largest private conservation project in New Zealand’s history — just 25 minutes from Wanaka. Mahu Whenua (meaning ‘healing of the land’) features four private luxury suites, common open fireplaces and a fully equipped farmhouse kitchen.Mahu Whenua LodgeThe property borders three favourite South Island ski fields (Coronet Peak, Treble Cone, and Cardrona). It also borders a cat skiing operation and heli-ski terrain, making it a very convenient base for snow sport enthusiasts in winter.Mahu Whenua living room The Tried, True and Something New package costs NZ$13,590  (about A$12,479) inclusive of GST for seven nights, based on double or twin occupancy, with the following inclusions:Matakauri Lodge:Four nights’ accommodation at Matakauri Lodge in a Deluxe Suite (double or twin share)Pre-dinner drinks, canapes, and gourmet dinner each eveningFull Breakfast each morningComplimentary non-alcoholic mini-bar and use of all complimentary lodge facilitiesPrivate half-day wine tour with driver and guide exploring Gibbston ValleyA luxurious 50-minute massage per person at Matakauri Lodge SpaMahu Whenua Lodge:Three nights’ accommodation at Mahu Whenua Lodge in a Cottage Suite (double or twin share)All meals prepared by in-house Chef (full breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon teas, refreshments + picnics)Premium wine and beverages served with pre-dinner canapesWinter experience helicopter excursion to the scenic lookout at Deadhorse Lake, soaking in views of Lake Wanaka and the valleyComplimentary mini-bar and use of Lodge facilitiesA range of additional activities, which vary according to the season, can be priced and added separately. Available for visits between 1 May until 30 September 2018. Central OtagoMahu Whenua LodgeMatakauri LodgeNew ZealandSouth Islandlast_img read more

Unemployment falls in August

first_imgThe number of registered unemployed fell in August by 937 to 23,866 in a month or 23 per cent compared to a year before, the statistical service said.The seasonally adjusted number of persons out of work last month fell by 631 to 25,318, Cystat said in a statement on its website.The decline in the number of unemployed fell mainly on a reduction by 1,332 in trade, 946 in construction, 809 in public administration, 794 in hospitality, 717 in construction, 247 in transport and 1,394 in newcomers, Cystat said. You May LikeSidiario.com6 natural remedies to prevent and treat travel sickness – Si diarioSidiario.comUndoarea399.comHow to Upgrade Your Original PS4 Hard Drive HDDarea399.comUndoUnderstand Solar PowerBefore You Buy Expensive Solar Panels In California You Better Read This.Understand Solar PowerUndo New equipment for Paphos lifeguards but ‘proper’ towers neededUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoFour dead in California garlic festival shootingUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more