Kenny’s YO-YO budget of handouts and theatrics!

first_imgNewsPoliticsRegional Kenny’s YO-YO budget of handouts and theatrics! by: – May 29, 2012 Share Share Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img Share 34 Views   no discussions St. Lucia’s Prime Minister, Kenny Anthony. Photo credit: thevoiceslu.comThe estimates of revenue and expenditure as tabled on April 26th 2012 and crystallized on May 08th 2012 via the policy statement by the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony, is best illustrated as insulated and deficient in the market place of political and business vanguards.This annual exercise is yet another charade of political messaging and economic competence. But it will take credible judgment, political stability and an economic action plan of precision, towards a prudent course correction.In light of this, the 2012/2013 estimates of revenue and expenditure and policy statement is worrisome – in contrast to the complex problems of insurmountable and unplayable debt, increase poverty and record unemployment.As presented, the budget statement is a wild ride of public handouts coupled with the vulnerable nature of part-time, casual, low-pay, unskilled jobs, – will in very short order lead to economic starvation and structural imbalance.Both unemployment and slow economic growth will continue to restrict disbursements.There has to be a better way. Here’s what is at stake – what is happening and the possibilities.During the general election, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) promised better days, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, priority number one, and $100 million in one hundred days to jump start the economy. Five months later with a $1.457 billion budget, there is a sudden flip flop. Indeed there is an admission of the obvious that the King administration had a nice time. But equally so, this budget statement is insulated and deficient, because the point of origin begs the question. So whose economy and political well being is the yo-yo budget going to serve? The social reflection of Saint Lucia is a challenge. Its energy dependent structure, decrease investments (local and foreign), and its import/ export model requires substantive economic reformulation and orderly action, rather than antiquated rhetoric.Now, in order to grow socially and economically in an atmosphere of optimism, the wider population and, particularly, the middle class, needs to recover in tandem with a national development strategy.Therefore, the acronymic formulations (yep, big, nice, smiles, step, leap) of the estimates of revenue and expenditure and its carefully crafted macrocosmic political structure is not an alternative to diversify the economy and reach out to the wider population.This discomfort means that Saint Lucians will have insulated options as prescribed in the carefully crafted macrocosmic politically structured handouts. In light of this, more tax revenue is required and Saint Lucians will be required to work harder to pay more taxes, pay 15 percent Value Added Tax (VAT), get fewer services and make do with less.Let’s discuss this further, with dynamic possibilities.To be physically fit you have to burn fat and build muscle. To attain fiscal prudence a simple equation is to reduce debt and build credit – then you can begin to have leverage. The Achilles heel is this. Family wages within the past fifteen years have not kept-up with inflation in order to cushion the increase in food and fuel prices. Meanwhile, government expenditure has leap by seven percent annually.The economy is averaging 21 percent youth unemployment, with a widening deficit of $254.4 million dollars; a budget shortfall of at least $40 million, with a population of 170,000 contributing to less that forty percent of the legal economy, in addition to the national debt of $2.2 billion. This is the resistance that the 2012/2013 budget needs to face- up to. And don’t expect that the value added tax (VAT), revenue is going to stop the hemorrhage. Which again begs the following questions from the yo – yo budget? Where is the fresh start to a smaller and smarter government? Where is the fresh start to a transformative solution?And, where is the substantial reduction in government operational cost and elective spending that the SLP talk and talk about for five years in opposition? Once again, this is an aberration from chatter to flip flops.And, given variable matrix formulations, the 2012/2013 estimates of revenue and expenditure and policy statement has not offered a formula for success and a road map for the future of Saint Lucia.One would have expected this budget statement to deliver strong resolve, display political courage and economic change for the future of Saint Lucia, but alas, this is not the case. In the main, it is incapable to advance the molecules of progressive thinkers, investors, social leaders and entrepreneurs. In conclusion, the advancement of Saint Lucia’s resource development (human and natural resources) is where the hope, opportunity and a prosperous future lie.The development of a future that is free and safe to explore solutions and implement change is critical for the future of Saint Lucia.Including the need for principle measurements to enable Saint Lucia to meet local and international targets, maintain social and economic stability, achieve economic growth and abide by the rule of law.In the coming years, government will be struggling to face itself from the careless promises made to public employees, labour unions, voters, creditors and the irreparable damage made by the King administration. This is sure to create a Pandora’s Box of mass disappointments and annoyance. This is a problem. It will cause suppression with the persistence of big government, free -spending and unplayable public debt.The creaming of tax payers must come to an end. Other aspects include the government’s lack of awareness and failure to remove cumbersome bureaucracy and to facilitate a discourse on market economics that would enable business -led initiatives to come to market quickly, enable economic diversification through small and medium size development (SME) that would help improve economic conditions.This would play right into the hands of business and investors, to build up cash flow and seek out local entrepreneurs to form public – private ventures in (SME) manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure development, information and communication technology and build long term investment asset that boost market confidence.This is the better way to better days – not public handouts of tax revenue and theatrics.If not, there will likely be more disappointments among the youth, to whom jobs, jobs, jobs is paramount for the hope of securing a strong career and a bright future.And if I am not mistaken by the analysis of the 2012/2013 estimates of revenue and expenditure and policy statement, there are three symptoms to overcome.First, it suffers from an authenticity deficit. Second, it has a calculation problem and truly it is a liberal flip flop from better days to the historical discomfort that “the Saint Lucian people are no strangers to hardship.”Therefore, the reliance of Saint Lucia to provide for itself is at stake.By: Melanius Alphonselast_img read more

Franklin County engineer resigns

first_imgBrookville, In. — Franklin County engineer Joe Copeland has tendered his resignation and his last day of work will be Tuesday, February 12. Copeland took the job in January of 2018 after Ted Cooley resigned the post following a failed Community Crossings Grant application.Copeland, who lives outside the county, cited many hours of travel as a contributing factor.last_img

Guyana NRA 150th Anniversary/WIFBSC 2017 Championships

first_img– MCYS chips in with sponsorshipThe Guyana National Rifle Association (GuyanaNRA) is set to celebrate a huge milestone in 2017, the celebration of 150 years in existence. And to commemorate this colossal achievement, the entity will be hosting the West Indies Fullbore Shooting Championships.This huge event will attract the best marksmen and women not only from the West Indies but from the leading countries in the world, the likes of those from Australia, England, Canada, USA and Scotland who will all converge at the Timehri Rifle Ranges to compete.Cognizant of the huge costs that would be necessary to put Guyana on show to the world and to be the good hosts that Guyana is known for, the executive of the GuyanaNRA decided to reach out early to the Patron of the association, His Excellency President David Granger and the Honorable Minister within the Ministry of Education with responsibility for Sport Ms Nicolette Henry for assistance.The mentioned dignitaries were notified that for Guyana to be successful in hosting on and off the range, it would incur costs amounting to almost 20 MILLION dollars to ensure the Timehri Range is in pristine condition and also the procuring of ammunition.President Granger and Minister Henry acquiesced to the association’s request and generously boosted the budget with a shot that hit the V on first attempt, valued at 1 MILLION Guyana dollars.Minister Henry in presenting the cheque to GuyanaNRA Secretary Ryan Sampson who also holds a similar position on the West Indies Fullbore Shooting Council (WIFBSC) in the presence of other executive members noted that the Ministry was very pleased to be associated with the association to celebrate such a rare millstone.Henry also stated that this contribution towards a continued partnership with the association is not one off and she is looking forward to assisting the association in other ways not necessarily in the area of finances only.In expressing gratitude, Sampson informed that over 100 shooters from the region and the world are expected to come to Guyana which would experience a direct boost in the areas of sports tourism since apart from the team members, it has already been confirmed that their family members would be making the trip also.“We intend to showcase a Guyana in a very positive way during the hosting of this championship.” Sampson said.Sampson also extended gratitude to President Granger and Minister Henry for giving the association the perfect start in their quest to raise the requisite funds towards a successful championship in October 2017.The GuyanaNRA has been able over the years to make all of Guyana proud with its performances at the Caribbean level and the world level, Guyanaese shooters making up half of the West Indies Team at eh last World Long Range Championships which took place at Camp Perry, Ohio, USA.The Guyanese marksmen led by Captain Mahendra Persaud are also the Short and Longa Range Champions of the Caribbean and are looking forward to maintaining that status come 2017 on home soil.last_img read more

Notable sports star/musician

first_imgSchmoldt says:Ay, ay, ay. So many idiot athletes to choose from in this category, where no matter which (non)musical athlete you argue for, you seemingly cannot lose. Nonetheless, despite the variety of stupid individuals like T.O. or Carl Lewis or Mike Ditka to choose from, you have to go with the triumvirate of teams in the 1980s who decided it would be a good idea to work together.It doesn’t get any worse than the 1985 Chicago Bears, the 1986 New York Mets and the 1989 Calgary Flames, and it is just too hard to pick one of them out.It all started with the Bears in 1985, who put out the monumental music video, “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” The “Shufflin’ Crew” not only put together a lyrically-challenged song, but they decided to dance to it. I think it was safe to say that Willie Gault didn’t really “practice all day and dance all night.” Then again, I don’t really want to mess in “Samurai” Mike Singletary’s “hood.”After watching Joe Piscopo’s sports show on Comcast this weekend in between hockey games, I couldn’t leave out “Let’s Go Mets,” the New York team’s version of the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” If there was anything that we learned from the “Shuffle,” it was that we didn’t need the “Shuffle,” and especially not another one. They may have had teamwork, but their “dream work” was miserable.But if you haven’t seen the Calgary Flames’ “Red Hot” video, you are really missing out. Take the “Shuffle” and the Mets’ song and add a brass instrument section, some electric guitars and some of the most awful facial hair you’ve ever seen. Sometimes, I just don’t understand Canada. This is one of those times. If you haven’t seen it, look it up. “You can’t put the flame in Red Hots, but you can’t put the fire out.”McGrath says:Without a doubt the biggest name is sports star music is Shaquille O’Neal. At 7-foot-1 and a generous 325 pounds, Shaq probably outweighs half of the current Billboard Top 50 list and could look over the heads of all the members of N*Sync, even if they stood on each others shoulders.Fortunately for the purposes of my argument, the Diesel is not only the biggest, but the baddest too. And by baddest, I mean the coolest … and the most bad.Shaq doesn’t talk much faster than he can run, and lets just say he doesn’t leave trails of smoking earth behind him when he decides to turn on his jets. However, an unswift tongue hasn’t stopped Shaq Daddy from releasing five albums already in his career. In fact, Shaq’s slow tongue has equaled fast creativity, allowing him to once release two albums in only one week.With rhymes like “pass me a Pepsi, forget that freakish Snapple/ MC talkin head then I will smash him with the alley apple,” and “I run rhymes like drunk drivers on stop signs/ I change my name to Deon cause I’m mutha freaking prime time, ” and who could forget “don’t need the drink crooked I jucie to get loose/ my favorite cartoon is Bullwinkle the Moose.”They just don’t spit lyrics like that any more. With rhymes like that, it isn’t hard to believe that Superman once had the No. 3 Hot Rap Single on the Billboard charts with “(I know I got) Skillz.”Sure, the Big Aristotle has his detractors, but for every hater, there are 12 devout fans. On one CD review website, one adoring fan writes of Shaq Fu: Da Return, “Yo fa shizzle dis was da best. Dey only let me give 5 (stars) but I would give dis a zillion if I could.”I couldn’t say it any more clearly or better than that.CAN YOU DIG IT!?!?!last_img read more

Multiple Syracuse runners finish in top 10 at John Thomas Terrier Classic, Columbia Challenge

first_img Published on January 26, 2019 at 8:15 pm Contact Alex: | @alexhamer8 This weekend, Syracuse’s men’s and women’s teams competed in the John Thomas Terrier Classic at Boston University and the Columbia Challenge in New York City.In Boston, day one of the meet on Friday was highlighted by Rachel Bonner’s second place finish in the women’s mile. Bonner’s time of 4:46.14 was a personal-best in the event. Bonner was narrowly bested by New Hampshire’s Shannon Murdock, who won by less than two seconds. Melissa Lodge (4:54.96) finished 10th and Abigail Spiers (4:55.52) finished 11th. The women’s 5k featured two top-10 finishes for the Orange, as Madeleine Davison (16:40.42) and Mary Malone (16:49.99) placed fourth and ninth, respectively.Day two in Boston for SU was kicked off in the men’s mile, where Aidan Tooker (3:59.39) placed fourth and Michael Phillips (4:02.57) finished 10th. Joe Dragon (14:05.59) placed second in the men’s 5000-meter run. Kevin James (14:14.74) and Dominic Hockenbury (14:25.34) also placed within the top-10, finishing fifth and 10th, respectively. In the men’s 3000-meter run Iliass Aouani placed seventh with a time of 8:01.88.At the Columbia Challenge, Richard Floyd and Matt Moore both ran the men’s 60-meter hurdles in 7.96 seconds, good for third and fourth, respectively. Dasia Pressley competed in the women’s 60-meter dash with a time of 7.52 seconds, finishing seventh.Kadejhia Sellers (55.54) and Alexis Crosby (55.90) placed sixth and seventh, respectively, in the women’s 400-meter dash.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe season continues for the Orange next Saturday at Bruce Lehane Invitational at Boston University. Commentscenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Tipp version of Hawkeye for Championship opener

first_imgThe score detection system is due to be in operation at the Thurles venue for the Munster Senior Hurling Championship tie with Cork on Sunday week.However, a big screen to display its results won’t be erected in the stadium – one will be ‘rolled in’ to the ground for some of the major matches played there.Semple Stadium management committee member Tom Maher says there’ll be a different set-up for other games…last_img

Auger-Aliassime challenges Tsitsipas in the Marseille final

first_imgCanadian Felix Auger Aliassime, that was imposed on the Frenchman Gilles Simon defies the throne of the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, who will defend his dominance in the Marseille event that he received final 12 months after beating Alexander Bublik. Two of the most promising tennis rackets face the Gallic competitors. Tsitsipas, already consolidated as an alternative choice to the greats of this sport, 21, in opposition to Auger Aliassime, 19, a participant who decide in Marseille for the first success of his profession.Tsitsipas acquired Bublik annoyed his seventh consecutive victory in the Marseille event. The Hellenic tennis participant has received fourteen straight units, since dropping in the first spherical of 2018 in opposition to Nicolas Mahut. He beat Tsitsipas to Bublik, whom he had by no means confronted, 7-5 and 6-3 in seventy minutes. Stefanos Tsitsipas seeks the fourth title of his profession, the first this 12 months. In 2019, his greatest season, he triumphed in the ATP Finals, in Estoril and in Marseille. It is going to be the fifth final for the sixth participant in the world as a result of in 2018 he misplaced the one in Stockholm. “I’m pleased to have discovered a stability and never fall when the state of affairs acquired sophisticated. I put a very good angle on the courtroom. I hope you take pleasure in a terrific day in the final, “stated the Hellenic participant.Tsitsipas will face in the final the Canadian Auger-Aliassime, 18 world, who received the French Gilles Simon 7-5 and 7-6 (2). The American aspires to the first title of his profession. He has performed 4 finals, the second of this 12 months, after Rotterdam that misplaced in opposition to Monfils. It is going to be the fourth showdown between Auger Aliassime and Tsitsipas, all in 2019. Twice the Canadian received, in Queens and in the 1000 Masters of Indian Wells. The helene received the 1000 Masters in Shanghai.Outcomes of the semifinalsStefanos Tsitsipas (GRE, 2) beat Alexander Bublik (KAZ) 7-5 and 6-3Felix Auger-Aliassime (CAN, 7) to Gilles Simon (FRA), 7-5 and 7-6 (2).last_img read more

Prince George Fire Centre battles wild fire near Tumbler Ridge

first_imgThe Prince George Fire Centre was kept busy on Sunday as they were dealing with a wild fire near Tumbler Ridge. The fire was 45 kilometres east of Tumbler Ridge and has since been contained after being dealt with by an air tanker.The fire was at one point 15 hectares but was reduced to three hectares before being fully contained.Prince George Fire Centre spokesperson Jill Kelsh said the cause is under investigation.- Advertisement –last_img

Star-struck: FIFA forced to redo Russia World Cup ad

first_imgThe plot revolves around a football that flies over the 11 host cities while historic World Cup moments play out on a peculiarly spinning pyramid.The ball soon reaches the Kremlin — and that is where the problems start.Russia’s history has seen its spired towers undergo many incarnations.None of them included the Christian crosses that FIFA stuck on top.“The stars vanished from the Kremlin towers in FIFA’s ad,” Russia’s state television news site complained.FIFA conceded on Monday that the Kremlin really did have a shiny red star on its famous Spasskaya Tower facing Lenin’s Mausoleum.“FIFA is extremely happy with the feedback received so far on the 2018 FIFA World Cup TV opening, especially from Russian fans,” a FIFA spokesperson told AFP.“With their help, we were able to identify that indeed the element you mention was not accurate. We are now working on an updated version that will be released soon.”Some in Russia were taking the mistake far more seriously than others.A tiny pro-government news site called Krasnoyarsk Vesna (Red Spring) published an analytical column picking apart what it perceived as FIFA’s historic slight of the hosts.It compared the ad to efforts by nations in eastern Europe to scrub their cities clean of all remnants of the Soviet Union after its collapse in 1991.War-scarred Ukraine has done the same since ousting its Russian-backed leadership in 2014.“We will remind you that de-Sovietisation introduced the cruelest possible schisms in society,” the website wrote.“Thus, the ad presented by FIFA joins the ranks of events such as the removal of monuments and memorials dedicated to the Soviet people’s victory in World War II.”President Vladimir Putin has been accusing unfriendly countries of trying to diminish the Soviet role in defeating Nazi Germany for much of his 18-year rule.Spasskaya Tower was topped by the two-headed eagle — now part of Russia’s coat of arms — until Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin replaced it with the star in the 1930s.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000The Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower facing Lenin’s Mausoleum had its star removed on the original FIFA promotional clip © AFP/File / Mladen ANTONOVMOSCOW, Russian Federation, Jun 4 – World football’s governing body FIFA admitted on Monday it will have to redo a fancy TV spot for the finals Russia will be hosting for the first time from June 14.The 45-second ad features artsy graphics and suitably momentous music to get fans in the mood. Billions of people will see it before every game.last_img read more

Gor Mahia look to extend KPL lead

first_img0Shares0000Gor Mahia players join Francis Kahata in celebrating his sumptuous goal against Thika United in a Kenyan Premier League match at the Machakos Stadium on April 22, 2018. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25- Kenyan Premier League defending champions Gor Mahia will stretch their lead at the top of the log to five points if they pick a win against Chemelil Sugar on Wednesday afternoon at the Kericho Green Stadium.The record 16-time champions look on course for a 17th title having started the season on a blistering note and with three matches at hand enjoy a two-point gap at the top. “It hasn’t been an easy start to the season but I am hopeful we can maintain it. We were fantastic against Thika on Sunday and I want to see that same hunger when we play Chemelil,” Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr noted.The odds are hugely stacked in K’Ogalo’s favor as they prepare to face the sugar millers. Of the last 18 meetings between the two sides, Gor has lost only twice, the last of which came in 2010. Gor have won 14 of those ties, including the last three where they have conceded only once.Chemelil, who are eighth on the log have won only once in their last five games with three of those winless games coming off draws.The sugar millers were dealt a blow a fortnight ago when their head coach Patrick Odhiambo decamped to Sony and are yet to land a replacement.But they have had a fairly good start to the season and have amassed 17 points off 11 matches, sitting eight points off the leaders.-AFC face Sharks-AFC Leopards forward Ezekiel Odera celebrates his goal, mourning his Mother. Photo/Raymond MakhayaMeanwhile, arch rivals AFC Leopards will be at the Thika Sub-County Stadium seeking to extinguish a poor run of four winless matches, two of which have been losses.Interim coach Dennis Kitambi will still be in charge of the team despite the arrival of new boss Radolfo Zapata who is expected to start work officially on Tuesday next week.Kitambi began his interim tenure on a bursting note winning four straight matches, but he has failed to replicate the same form in the consecutive games.“The opponents have also been watching us and come to counter our mistakes. We have been doing very silly small small mistakes especially in defense and giving away cheap goals. We have tried to work on that and hopefully we mark some improvement and get back to winning,” the tactician said.Four points separate the team in the standings with Ingwe pegged at sixth while Sharks who have had a shaky start to the season are five places below at 11th.“Sharks is a very good team regardless of their current form and it will not be an easy game. We should ensure we fully put our concentration down and not allow them possession of the ball,” Kitambi further noted.Kariobangi Sharks tactician William Muluya passes instruction to midfielder Michael Bodo during a Kenyan Premier League match against Kakamega Homeboyz at the Camp Toyoyo on April 21, 2018. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluWilliam Muluya’s charges have also had struggles of their own this season especially after losing key players in Massoud Juma, Elly Asieche, Mathew Odongo and Ibrahim Kitawi.They have had a similar patch of form with AFC, losing two and drawing two of their last four matches.“Our problem is that the confidence has been fading because when you don’t win, mentally you become weak. That is what we will work on most of all because once we solve that, we will get everything back on track,” Muluya said of his side’s form.Last season’s meetings between the two sides were even. Sharks won 2-0 in the first leg, then held on for a point in the second leg. However, Ingwe went on to win 2-0 in the FKF Cup (formerly GOtv Shield) final in the last meeting between the two sides.-Matano looks for a positive start-Robert Matano being unveiled as Tusker FC head coach on April 24, 2018 at Ruaraka.Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYAAt the Camp Toyoyo turf in Nairobi’s Jericho estate, Robert Matano starts his second coming at Tusker FC when he leads the bartered brewers against a resurgent Wazito FC, seeking more or less redemption for a grey patch.Tusker have had only two victories in 11 KPL outings and are under huge pressure to bounce back to winning ways.“We talked on Monday and Tuesday and I am happy with the response of the players. They have their confidence back and the most important thing is to start this new tenure with a win. I am hopeful we will be able to get things right,” Matano said.Wazito are enjoying a resurgence of sorts and their three wins in the last five games have sent them up the standings to 14th with 14 points and they can squeeze into the top 10 with maximum points against Tusker.“They are a very tough team with experienced players and that is another tricky match for us. But we should be able to deal with that well because at least now we have gathered enough experience and the confidence is back,” Wazito head coach Frank Ouna said.His charges come into the tie beaming with confidence after last weekend’s 1-0 win over Mathare United in one of their best performances yet this season.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more