Iraqis have first chance in long while to reclaim their destiny Annan

“I would urge them to reconcile, to really make every effort to dialogue and not go the violent route and use the opportunity offered, to exercise their vote and help determine the future of their country,” he told journalists when asked if he had anything to tell the Iraqi people in this next month. “So, I would wish them a peaceful, democratic and participatory elections, as we move into the next year.”Asked about the escalating violence in the country and his concern over the safety of UN staff, he said it was “a tragic and a brutal situation” and he felt “very sorry yesterday,” when 24 people were killed and 72 injured, many of them United States troops, in an attack on a US military base in Mosul, just two days after car bombs killed 67 people in the Shiite Muslim holy cities of Najaf and Karbala.”It hits you in the stomach – when I was looking at the pictures after the attack,” he added. “And obviously it is in this climate that we are planning the elections, and I do have staff there. For the moment we do have adequate security arrangements, but it is of concern. It is of concern, and we are monitoring it very, very closely.”Meanwhile in Baghdad, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Ashraf Qazi, reiterated the UN’s commitment to do everything it can to serve the Iraqi people and help them through the transitional process.He met with officials and political activists to discuss the process ahead of the elections and the role the UN is playing in the process by supporting the Independent Electoral Commission. In talks with Minister for Human Rights Bakhtiar Amin he stressed that the human rights unit of the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) would continue to work with the ministry and other concerned organizations to support efforts to build an environment conducive to the application of international standards.He also held talks with the President of the Iraqi Independent Democrats, Adnan Bachache, Raad Maoulud Mukhlis, Secretary General of the Gathering for Iraq, and a number of activists from Falluja City and Anbar Governorate, scene of severe fighting between the US-led coalition forces and insurgents, as well as from Baghdad and Hilla.Mr. Qazi said political differences must be addressed through political dialogue within a political process aimed at building a stable and democratic Iraq.Meanwhile the UN has begun distributing food and other items to over 36,000 families from Fallujah displaced by the fighting through a joint programme led by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the intergovernmental International Organization for Migration (IOM) in cooperation with their partners in Iraq.The latest programme, which began on Monday, came at the request of the Iraqi Interim Government with which UNAMI has been coordinating its activities to provide humanitarian support. Throughout the recent Fallujah crisis, the UN continued to provide humanitarian aid to those in need, particularly the internally displaced persons (IDPs).The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been trucking water through local partners to IDP locations in the surrounding areas while the UN World Health Organization (WHO) has been assisting the Government by providing urgent medical supplies, including 100,000 blood bags, needs assessment, technical assistance and support for the current National Measles Campaign in IDP areas.Some 23 UN agencies, funds and programmes are working together through 11 clusters to coordinate international aid and offer help in rebuilding Iraq. The UN remains concerned about the precarious situation of the IDPs and reiterates the need for free and unfettered access to populations in need by the international humanitarian community.UNAMI said the world body stands ready to support the right of Fallujah residents to return home in dignity and safety following the operations by the US-led coalition. read more

IRS strikes back as agents make big dent in identity theft

FILE – In this March 22, 2013 file photo, the exterior of the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington. As millions of Americans file their income tax returns, their chances of getting audited by the IRS have rarely been so low. The number of people audited by the IRS last year dropped for the sixth straight year, to just over 1 million. The last time so few people were audited was 2004, when the population was significantly smaller. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File) WASHINGTON – The IRS strikes back: The tax agency reports that the number of identity theft victims plummeted last year after agents struggled for years to combat what has become a multibillion-dollar industry.The number of victims dropped by 46 per cent, to 376,000, the IRS said. These taxpayers had their identities stolen by criminals who used their Social Security numbers and birthdates to obtain fraudulent tax refunds.The IRS stopped nearly 1 million fraudulent refunds from being issued last year. They totalled almost $6.6 billion, the agency said.“It’s a much more challenging time for the cybercrooks,” said Mark Ciaramitaro, vice-president for retail tax products and services at H&R Block. “All of the easy paths have been closed.”Identity theft exploded from 2010 to 2012, and “for a time overwhelmed law enforcement and the IRS,” said John Dalrymple, deputy IRS commissioner for services and enforcement.At the IRS, it peaked in 2014, when the agency identified more than 766,000 victims. That same year, the IRS blocked 1.8 million in fraudulent refunds from being issued. They totalled $10.8 billion.“We’ve driven a lot of the fraud out of the system,” Dalrymple said.The IRS is a popular target for sophisticated identity thieves because the agency issues more than $300 billion in tax refunds each year.Several years ago, it was as simple as using another person’s Social Security number and birthdate to fill out a fake tax return claiming a big refund. If thieves filed the return early in the tax filing season — before the legitimate taxpayer — they could get refunds before the IRS received verifying financial information from employers, banks and brokers.To make it easier, thieves can get fraudulent refunds on prepaid debit cards that are not linked to bank accounts.“I think everybody got caught by surprise by how inventive the criminals were here,” Dalrymple said. “I don’t think it was just the IRS. I think in general, the whole idea of identity theft caught everybody by surprise.”Criminals can steal victims’ personal information from hospitals, doctor’s offices, universities, prisons — any entity that collects Social Security numbers and birthdates.In 2015, federal authorities broke up a massive identity theft ring in Alabama and Georgia that netted $10 million in fraudulent refunds. Among the victims: Soldiers injured in Afghanistan who were being treated at Fort Benning’s hospital.Last year, authorities broke up a ring in the District of Columbia that tried to obtain more than $20 million in fraudulent tax refunds. Among the victims: people in assisted living facilities, drug addicts and prison inmates.In recent years, the IRS has beefed up its computer filters to identity potential fake tax returns. If there are dramatic differences in a taxpayer’s return from year to year, it might get flagged for additional review.Two years ago, the IRS also teamed up with major tax preparers and state tax agencies to share information and improve security.Identity theft is “the No. 1 issue that the IRS talks to us about,” said Brian Ashcraft, director of tax compliance at Liberty Taxe. “It’s been a huge focus.”Online tax preparers are working to better confirm the identity of their customers through stronger passwords and by using more than one way to verify them, said Julie Miller of Intuit Inc., which owns Turbo Taxe. For example, after online customers enter a password, they might receive a text from the company with an additional code to enter.Congress has also given the IRS more tools to prevent criminals from getting fraudulent tax refunds.This year, employers are required to report wage information to the IRS by Jan. 31. In the past, most employers had until the end of March to report wage information, often long after refunds had been issued.Also, the IRS is now required to hold refunds until Feb. 15 for families claiming the earned income tax credit or the additional child tax credit. These credits are available in the form of payments to people who don’t make enough money to owe any federal income taxes, which makes them attractive to identity thieves.The provision, however, delays tax refunds for millions of low-income families.Tax preparers and the IRS said identity theft is still a major threat as criminals become more sophisticated. To combat it, they regularly share information about new threats and scams, especially during tax season.“This is not a time to celebrate,” said Ciaramitaro of H&R Block. “It’s not fixed but I think that co-operation has led to measurable improvement.”___Follow Stephen Ohlemacher on Twitter at: by Stephen OhlemacHer, The Associated Press Posted Mar 9, 2017 11:10 am MDT Last Updated Mar 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email IRS strikes back as agents make big dent in identity theft read more

DR Congo security forces committed rights violations against protestors in December 2016

“Measures should also be taken, at all levels, to ensure that the legitimate exercise of fundamental freedoms by the population will not lead to loss of lives and other serious rights violations,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said today in a news release on the report.The report is based on the findings of the investigation conducted by the human rights team comprising staff of the UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) and of the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).According to the report, at least 40 people, including five women and two children, were killed between 15 and 31 December 2016 across several cities of the DRC, among them the capital Kinshasa, as well as Lubumbashi, Boma and Matadi. The victims include 28 individuals who were killed by soldiers of the Forces armées de la République démocratique du Congo (FARDC), six by agents of the Police Nationale Congolaise (PNC) and six during joint PNC and FARDC operations. The report also revealed that all but two of the victims were killed by live ammunition. During the same period, at least 147 people were injured by State agents, including 14 women and 18 children, and at least 917 individuals, including 30 women and 95 children, were arrested by defence and security forces.“Such serious incidents are worrisome, particularly in the current context,” said Maman Sambo Sidikou, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative in the DRC, citing the need to create an environment conducive to the holding of peaceful elections. The lack of accountability for past human rights violations, including those committed during the demonstrations in Kinshasa on 19 and 20 September 2016, may have encouraged a sense of impunity, and defence and security forces to commit further violations in December 2016. “Once again we see serious human rights violations being committed blatantly and with complete impunity by the security forces, who employed excessive use of force against unarmed demonstrators, in flagrant violation of international human rights law and standards,” said the UN human rights chief, Mr. Zeid. He urged the Government to bring those responsible for such violations to justice and urgently adopt the law on freedom of peaceful protests and the law on human rights defenders. read more

Heres what the poison sent to Barack Obama can do

first_img A car plowed through the main hall of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York See how smoggy downtown LA was the day before Trump is expected to demolish California’s attempts to tackle auto emissions 16-year-old Greta Thunberg met with Obama and chided senators, saying they’re not trying hard enough to fight climate change 10 things in tech you need to know today TWO RICIN-TAINTED letters have reportedly been sent to US government officials; a senator and President Barack Obama. Why is ricin such a feared substance? Here’s what we know about the toxin.What it is: Ricin is a toxic protein that comes from the castor oil plant. Castor beans are not all that dangerous on their own because they are surrounded by an indigestible capsule.How much is too much: It takes the pulp of about eight beans to kill an adult. If the protein is purified from the beans, a very small amount — less than 2 milligrams if injected — will kill a person. If eaten, about 2000 milligrams will kill someone.Where it comes from: The waste from castor oil manufacturing, called waste mash, contains about 5% to 10% ricin by weight, but if it has been heated (which it usually is during the manufacturing process) the protein is no longer toxic.To capture toxic ricin from castor beans, the protein needs to be separated out from the other plant proteins. There’s a patent that details how to do that, though it might not be all that effective. It probably takes a pretty good chemist to isolate the ricin protein in pure form that is still active.If the ricin is going to be used as an inhalable poison, it needs to be adapted to a very small particle size to be effective, though it could also be dissolved in water and inhaled as a mist.How it works: Ricin can kill you if it is inhaled, injected, or ingested. It is most potent when inhaled or injected into the body. Bulgarian writer Geogi Markov was murdered by the Bulgarian secret police by an injection of ricin disguised in an umbrella.Ricin stops your cells from making proteins by attacking our protein-making factories, the ribosome. Proteins are an essential part of every part of your body.How long does it take: Ricin isn’t the quickest-acting toxin. It can take up to a day after exposure for symptoms to show up, but it can kill you within three days. If you survive more than five days, you are likely to live.What are the symptoms: Victims who ingest the protein get severe nausea and diarrhea. If it is inhaled, the patient will also have difficulty breathing and fluid will build up in the lungs.They end up with an irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, and seizures. This can last for up to a week. The patient can die of shock and multiple organ failure.If you ingest the protein, treatment can usually reverse the symptoms and patients will survive, though they may suffer long-term organ damage. A man was poisoned with ricin in Las Vegas in February of 2008 and fell in to a coma for more than a month.The Bulgarian writer Markov first showed a fever, was admitted to the hospital, and died three days later.Pic of Georgi Markov and the tiny ‘bullet’ fired by an umbrella ‘gun’ at him – the pellet was found to contain ricin: PA ImagesHow is it treated: Treatment basically tries to minimise the effects of the symptoms of the poison. This could include ventilation to help breathing, giving fluids to help stave off dehydration, and giving medication to stop seizures and raise blood pressure.The US and UK militaries have developed an antidote to ricin, but they haven’t been fully tested on humans. Researchers have also been trying to develop a vaccine for it.Ricin is not all bad. Some researchers have been trying to use the toxin to kill cancer cells in the body. That is possible because the protein can be linked to a cancer-cell-specific antibody, which can go through the body without hurting normal cells.- Jennifer Welshlast_img read more

Canon finally goes mirrorless with the EOS M

first_imgPanasonic did it. Then Olympus did it. Then Sony, Pentax, and Fujifilm did it. Eventually Nikon couldn’t wait any longer either. Now Canon, the last major holdout, has released a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera. The EOS M follows a long line of Canon APS-C-sized sensor cameras — the Digital Rebels — but manages a body size that is closer to that of Canon’s serious compacts, namely the S100 and the G1 X.The EOS M is a 18.0-megapixel camera with an cropped sensor and Canon’s standard EF mount. The means that, with an adapter, it can work with both the EF and EF-S lenses that Canon fans regularly use with their Rebel T3is, 5D MKIIs, and so many other popular models. The camera handles ISO 100-12800 (25600 in extended mode), has a Digic 5 image processor, does 1080p30 video (with manual controls), has Canon’s Hybrid CMOS autofocus, and then has all the standard stuff you’d expect, like a hot shoe and stereo mics.Sound familiar? That’s because the EOS M is essentially a smaller, lighter version of the Rebel T4i. It’s missing viewfinder and it has modified lens system, but the cameras are strikingly similar. The EOS M relies heavily on a touchscreen for controls as the small body doesn’t have room for many buttons and dials — this is also similar to what Canon did with the T4i. The M will measure in at 4.28 x 2.62 x 1.27 inches and the body (with battery) will weigh 10.5 ounces, or 14 ounces with a lens.Along with the new body Canon announced two EF-M lenses: a 22mm f/2.0 pancake lens and and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit-style lens (though the $800 kit will ship with the 22mm). Along with those the big release is Canon’s $200 Mount Adapter EF-EOS M, which is how photographers will get all their EF/EF-S glass mounted onto the EOS M’s diminutive body and far enough away from its sensor to be usable. This accessory will be the the most important part aspect of the EOS M release, aside from the simple fact that this is a mirrorless camera from Canon.The EOS M camera won’t ship until October, and so far people seem hesitantly excited. The lack of a viewfinder (or EVF accessory) will be a problem for many people and Canon is already hedging people’s expectations. They’ve described the EOS M as “video-first” and made it clear that the Rebel T4i and G1 X will be better for still shooting. It’s not that the EOS M won’t be a capable digital still camera, it’s just that it will be focused on video, with its STM lenses and manual controls.While this is a major release for Canon, they are clearly trying to be cautious (likely after seeing what happened with Nikon’s mirrorless release). No where in the press release did Canon use jargon like “mirrorless” or “MILC” and it’s already been noted that the camera will only be sold at specialty shops, not at general electronics retailers. The company also neglected to have any sort of launch event in which the release would get significant early exposure from mainstream news outlets.By setting expectations early and getting the EOS M into the hands of the right people — as opposed to everyone who wants a Canon — the company should be able to limit consumer confusion and maintain some differentiation between the EOS M and the T4i. Even so, it’s going to be a challenge once these start hitting the streets and general consumers start to question the size and value of the Rebels compared to its ultraportable sibling.More at Canon, via PCMaglast_img read more

Leaving Cert students sat the first ever Politics exam today heres what

first_img 45 Comments By Cathy Lee Leaving Cert students sat the first ever Politics exam today – here’s what was in it A tweet from Leo Varadkar featured on the first ever exam. Source: State Examinations Commission Section A of the Ordinary Level paper asked students toOutline the role of Dr Niall Muldoon, Ombudsman for Children in Ireland.Name two human rights organisations in Ireland. Describe the work of one of these organisations.Explain the term ‘patriarchy’. Give an example of patriarchy in society today.Section B asked those taking the exam to read part of a Focus Ireland report and one on the Dublin Region Homeless Executive’s rough sleeper count and formulate a response.The essay section asked for students to write about people using their public profiles for social impact, gender inequality in Ireland, ethnic identity in global development, childrens issues or local initiatives.What was the reaction like? Christian Jones-Hickey, a student at The King’s Hospital school in Palmerstown, described the Higher Level paper as fair and “better than the mocks”.Malahide Community School student Jessee Mooney said she would recommend the subject to anyone “willing to put in the work, because it’s not an easy subject”.Politics and Society teacher Joanne Stapleton of St Mary’s College in Arklow said that her 20 students took a “massive risk” in signing up for a subject without set content in the form of a book, past exam papers or marking scheme.Despite the challenges Stapleton said her students are now “self directed learners and critical, independent thinkers”. They enjoyed visits from local TDs and MEPs as part of their studies.Commenting on the Ordinary Level paper Bairbre Kennedy of Malahide Community School said the paper achieved the aim of the course in promoting “reflective and active citizens”.Dr Eilís Ward of the Politics and Sociology Department at NUI Galway said the exam “lays a very good foundation” for young people to appreciate the significance of politics. She described the exams as being “very contemporary”.Sample papers were provided to students prior to the exam and the chairperson of the Politics and Society Teachers Association of Ireland  Dr Jerome Devitt said that paper “didn’t wander too far” from the sample, which was of benefit to students.He added that he’d like to issue “an open challenge” to any politician to sit the paper, adding that the association will “gladly grade it”. Share529 Tweet Email4 Jun 20th 2018, 7:48 PM Short URL 49,915 Views Wednesday 20 Jun 2018, 7:48 PM FOR THE FIRST time this afternoon about 900 Leaving Cert students sat an exam in Politics and Society, a new subject which was introduced in 41 participating pilot schools in September 2016.The exam was available at Higher and Ordinary Level and was 2.5 hours long, divided into three sections.The exam itself was worth 80% of the students’ marks for the subject while 20% of their overall total was marked in April in the form of a research project.The subject includes areas like power and decision making; active citizenship; human rights and responsibilities; and globalisation and localisation.The subject is now being rolled out nationally (you can access today’s exams here).What was on the exam?Section A of the Higher Level paper asked students to address ten short answer questions, which included the following: Is the election process to Seanad Éireann a democratic process?Is it possible to talk about a shared Irish identity in Ireland today?Name two consequences of income inequalities in Ireland on an individual’s life chances.In Section B students were asked to read a report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a Trócaire report on climate change.They were asked to draw from both documents and formulate a response to a quote from Mary Robinson that “Climate change is the greatest threat to human rights in the 21st century”.Section C, which was worth half of the exam’s marks, asked students to write two essays from a choice of six.They included one based on a tweet sent during Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael leadership campaign (below), one on inequality in the Irish education system, and one on the effects of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Fautil recenser les espèces rares ou préserver lisolement de tribus indigènes

first_imgFaut-il recenser les espèces rares ou préserver l’isolement de tribus indigènes?Paraguay – Le 27 octobre, l’ONG Iniciativa Amotocodie a mis en garde le Muséum national de Londres, qui prépare une expédition zoologique et botanique dans le Chaco sec paraguayen. L’organisation estime qu’il existe un risque de perturber irréversiblement les indiens Ayoreo, une tribu totalement isolée du reste du monde. Deux cents âmes : c’est la taille de ce groupe humain qui se tient volontairement isolé du reste du monde dans les forêts du Chaco sec, au Paraguay, l’ethnie des indiens Ayoreo. Le Muséum national d’histoire naturelle de Londres (NHM), qui prépare une expédition pour y recenser une flore et une faune uniques, se dit parfaitement conscient du risque humain et ethnologique d’une rencontre – inopinée – entre ses scientifiques et les Ayoreo, totalement isolés et au mode de vie ancestral préservé. Un guide Ayoreo devra reconnaître le terrain pour éviter tout contact.  À lire aussiLe contact physique, un anti-douleur naturellement efficaceUn risque crucial, d’après certains anthropologues et selon l’ONG paraguayenne Iniciativa Amotocodie, qui veille, à distance, à la tranquillité de ce peuple. Elle craint notamment que les indigènes, pour se soustraire au contact, n’abandonnent leurs sites saisonniers d’agriculture vivrière, où leur présence a été récemment signalée, d’où des risques de pénurie alimentaire pour eux.Les avis sont partagés au sein même de la communauté ayoreo. L’Unión de Nativos Ayoreos de Paraguay (UNAP), qui représente les membres de sa plus importante tribu, a donné son feu vert aux chercheurs britanniques, tandis que neuf autres chefs locaux ont fait parvenir au président paraguayen une lettre condamnant l’expédition.        Le 15 novembre 2010 à 20:14 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

WebRTC la visioconférence html 5 fait ses premiers pas

first_imgWebRTC : la visioconférence html 5 fait ses premiers pasLa visioconférence, c’est une manière simple et pratique de pouvoir converser avec des membres de sa famille, des collègues, d’un point du monde à l’autre. Mais la mise en oeuvre de ses protocoles n’était pas forcément aisé : il fallait passer par une application ad hoc, ou installer certains plugins dans son navigateur pour que l’opération ait lieu.Et bien ça, c’est du passé…Avec le Html 5 et ses possibilités, adieu les contraintes !Se parler en se regardant via son moteur de recherche va prochainement devenir d’une simplicité enfantine. L’application WebRTC (pour Web Real Time Conversation) l’a démontré. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Présentée par Mozilla à l’occasion de l’IETF 83 (pour Internet Engineering Task Force-groupement servant à définir les nouveaux standards d’Internet), à Paris, la semaine dernière, elle est conçue en html 5 saupoudré de Javascript. WebRTC fonctionne en Peer to Peer et ne nécessite aucun plugin pour fonctionner.Techniquement solide et garantissant une liaison d’excellente facture, WebRTC a déjà commencé de montrer tout son potentiel à travers une vidéo publiée par Mozilla.Retrouvez les premières images de WebRTC en vidéo, sur Maxisciences.Le 11 avril 2012 à 12:01 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Father of Las Vegas suspect operated Oregon bingo parlor

first_imgPORTLAND — The father of the suspected Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock operated an Oregon bingo parlor after escaping from a Texas prison in the late 1960s.An Oregon Supreme Court opinion from 1981 said FBI agents arrested Patrick Benjamin Paddock — also known as Bruce Ericksen — on Sept. 6, 1978 at the Bingo Center in Springfield. Despite the escape, He was paroled the following year and returned to Oregon, where he continued the bingo operation until authorities shut it down in 1987 and charged him with racketeering.He went by different names. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock was put on the FBI most wanted list after the escape.Don Bishoff, a columnist for The Register-Guard of Eugene, wrote in 1998 that Paddock pleaded no contest to the charges, but received no jail time. He wrote that Paddock spent the last decade of his life in Texas.The columnist described Paddock as one of the Eugene-Springfield area’s “most colorful rogues.”Police say his son killed dozens of people at a concert. Hundreds more were hurt.last_img read more

Police 1 critically injured in Seattle motel explosion

first_imgSEATTLE — Authorities say a natural gas explosion at a North Seattle motel critically injured a man in his 40s.The blast Monday blew the door off a room at the Klose-In Motel in the 9300 block of Aurora Avenue North. The Seattle Fire Department reported natural gas as the cause of the fire and said damage was estimated at $55,000. The man was transported to the burn unit at Harborview Medical Center.The Red Cross of Western Washington was helping find temporary housing for 41 people displaced by the explosion.last_img

Alaska Ferry Evacuated After Smoke Detected In Thruster Room

first_imgState transportation officials say the crew of the Columbia spotted the smoke in the bow thruster room after the vessel docked Friday in Bellingham, Washington. Crew members did not see flames. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An Alaska state ferry was evacuated after crew members saw black smoke in a room. The ferry website says it’s designed to carry 499 passengers and has vehicle capacity of 2,660 feet (811 meters), equal to about 133 20-foot (6.1-meter) vehicles. The crew deployed a carbon dioxide firefighting system.center_img They said passengers would be notified if the Columbia’s schedule would have to be modified. The Columbia at 418 feet (127 meters) long is the largest vessel in the Alaska ferry fleet. Ferry officials say no one was injured and all passengers were accounted for.last_img read more

Watch Priyanka Gandhi picks up shoe of injured journalist in Wayanad wins

first_imgCongress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi stooped down to pick up the shoe of an injured journalist.TwitterThree media persons sustained minor injuries after a barricade on the route of Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow broke. Gandhi’s sister and Congress general secretary in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra won hearts today when she went out of her way to pick up a shoe of the injured journalist.In the viral video, that has been doing rounds on the internet, the Congress general secretary stooped down to pick up the shoe of an injured journalist. Also, the injured were helped to the ambulance by the Congress chief. As a huge crowd of supporters gathered on both sides of the road, security personnel had a tough time controlling the workers to clear the way for the vehicle.The Congress leader has filed his nomination today morning from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat in Kerala. Addressing the gathering, Rahul Gandhi said that he has reached Kerala to deliver a message of a united India. “My aim is to send a message, there is a feeling in South India that the way Centre, Modiji and RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] are working is an assault on the culture and languages of the South,” Rahul Gandhi said.”I understand that my brothers and sisters in CPM will now speak against me and attack me, but I am not going to say a word against the CPM in my entire campaign,” Rahul Gandhi said on the Communist Party of India (Marxist)’s criticism of his contesting from Wayanad.last_img read more

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez gush about each other

first_imgJennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s whirlwind romance is the talk of the town. The happy couple is too much in love and cannot stop gushing about each other. In fact, they actually look for opportunities when they can speak about how the other one in the relationship is a blessing. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, the newly engaged couple stated how they complete each other.During the interview, JLo stated, “I’ve been in the public eye, I’ve navigated the media in a certain way, I’m creative and artistic and have all these skill sets. He’s a business-minded guy who knows math and numbers and money and equity and all that stuff—like, EBITDA, right? What I was missing, he kind of had. And what he was missing, I had.” Recalling how it was when they first met, Lopez said, “You could have smiled, once,” and soon added, “You’re silly, you’re funny; I know that now.” Alex Rodriguez for Sports Illustrated magazineInstagramA-Rod also divulged how he is mighty impressed with his fiancée as he said, “She knows how to communicate to the masses in ways I never will. She has this platform that’s just ginormous, like 200 million on social, over 75% of them millennials. She just sees it. She helps me out all the time when I’m trying to land a point on something. She’s just a wordsmith.” Funny how fate brought them together. An old video recently surfaced on social media from 1998 where the former MLB player actually admitted to considering a date with Jennifer Lopez to be his “dream date”. Jennifer Lopez and Alex RodriguezInstagramCupid certainly did his job very well! The couple got engaged in March 2019. In the same interview, the On the Floor singer did mention how there was weird electricity with Alex Rodriguez when they met for the first time in 2005. “We shook hands, and it was this weird electricity for, like, three seconds,” Lopez told the magazine. “Three to five seconds of looking at somebody right in their eyes, and getting stuck.” Not only them but even their children from previous relationships and marriage get along very well. We wonder when they will tie the knot and whether it will be in this year.last_img read more

Blast as police try to defuse new bomb found in Colombo

first_imgDead bodies are being carried by Sri Lankan men outside the St Sebastian`s Church at Katuwapitiya in Negombo on 21 April, 2019, following a bomb blast during the Easter service that killed at least 290 people. Photo: AFPA blast hit near a church in Sri Lanka’s capital on Monday as police tried to defuse a new bomb found by the site, a police spokesman said.There was no immediate information on injuries in the blast, or how large it was. The explosion happened around 50 metres from the St Anthony’s Shrine, one of three churches targeted in a string of suicide bombs on Sunday that killed nearly 300 people.The Sri Lankan government believes a local Islamist extremist group called the National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ) was behind the deadly suicide bomb attacks, government spokesman Rajitha Senaratne said Monday.Senaratne, who is also a cabinet minister, added that the government was investigating whether the group had “international support”.”We don’t see that only a small organisation in this country can do all that,” he said.”We are now investigating the international support for them, and their other links, how they produced the suicide bombers here, and how they produced bombs like this.”Documents seen by AFP show Sri Lanka’s police chief issued a warning on 11 April, saying that a “foreign intelligence agency” had reported NTJ was planning attacks on churches and the Indian high commission.Not much is known about the NTJ, a radical Muslim group that has been linked to the vandalising of Buddhist statues.A police source told AFP that all 24 people in custody in connection with the attacks belong to an “extremist” group, but did not specify further.last_img

MethaneMunching Bacteria Could Poop Out Your Future Clothes

first_img Like other greenhouse gasses, methane creates some big, big problems for our planet. Fortunately, methane can be captured and turned into fuel… and now even food.Obviously, not just anything can chow down on methane, but Mango Materials has engineered a special bacterium that has an appetite for the stuff. Better still, that bacterium digests the methane and converts it into a biopolymer.Mango Materials’ biopolymer threadThat biopolymer, says Mango Materials CEO Dr. Molly Morse, can then be spun into thread and woven into fabric. The resulting material is fully biodegradable and will even break down safely underwater. Animals can even ingest it with no ill effects — which is another major benefit given how harmful man-made materials like microplastics can be to wildlife.But wait… It gets even better. As the biopolymer breaks down, more methane is released. It can be captured again, fed to the bacteria again, and turned back into a biopolymer. It’s a pretty amazing way to close the circle.Methane is an ideal gas to target. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone that livestock produce around 5.5 million metric tons of methane every year. Worldwide, rice farming is an even bigger offender. With companies like Mango Materials dreaming up clever ways to capture and utilize all that methane, we could see dramatic reductions in the amount that winds up in our atmosphere.For their pilot project, Mango Materials is processing methane captured at a wastewater treatment in Redwood City, California. As time goes on suppliers should be even easier to find. Mango Materials’ products could provide the push some producers need to start capturing methane.“If we increase the value of waste methane,”  Morse told Fast Company, “that could change the whole story of carbon in the atmosphere, because we’d be collecting it and sequestering it into products.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Microbiologist Makes Colorful ‘Game of Thrones’ Sigils Art With BacteriaOil-Eating Bacteria Found in World’s Deepest Ocean Trench Stay on targetlast_img read more

Karisma enhances wedding offering with new online tools

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Romance & Weddings Share Posted by Karisma enhances wedding offering with new online toolscenter_img Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Travelweek Group MIAMI — Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ newly enhanced website for destination weddings includes a ‘Your Day, Your Way’ customizable planning tool, digital Save the Date announcements and a Promo Predictor for upcoming destination wedding deals.The site is at“Karisma Hotels & Resorts is renowned for its wedding and romance travel offerings, consistently setting new standards at our adults-only El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels and family-friendly Azul Hotels, Generations Resorts by Karisma and Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts,” said Faith Wishnie, Director of Wedding Services at Karisma Hotels & Resorts.  “Our new website offers wedding couples access and resources beyond compare, delivering all the tools and customization of traditional wedding planning with the ease afforded by digital. We designed the new wedding portal to make the destination wedding planning process as simple, straightforward and fun as possible, so couples can enjoy personalized, stress-free wedding experiences from start to finish.”Karisma couples can choose from six style categories in the resort brand’s Memorable Moments Signature Wedding Collection. With ‘Your Day, Your Way’, couples have access to a collection of more than 400 Signature Accents wedding elements including food and beverage offerings, wine pairings, personalized stationery, ceremony shade lounges, customized music playlists, wedding signs, custom-designed floral collections and chic décor.More news:  Kory Sterling is TL Network Canada’s new Sales Manager CanadaWith the new digital ‘Save the Date’ announcements, couples can create personalized and interactive wedding announcements to send to guests, which include a link to a resort slideshow, date and location specifics, and all of the reservations details.  This tool also allows the couple to store and track their guest lists in one place.And the site’s ‘Promo Predictor’ allows couples to sort through Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ weddings promotions.  The new tool displays only offers that meet their criteria.Couples can also now reserve entire sections at select resorts, including the El Dorado Casitas Royale.Other Karisma Hotels & Resorts wedding amenities include the three-night Weddings Dress Rehearsal trips. Brides leave with peace of mind and exclusive offers, including a US$500 wedding credit when booking 10+ rooms.  The Wedding Dress Rehearsal is available several times per year for $699 per couple. See read more

The latest resort updates from the Florida Keys postIrma

first_img Friday, March 16, 2018 Tags: Florida FLORIDA KEYS — The Florida Keys and Key West report that about 80% of accommodation is now back in shape.The island chain has been open to visitors since Oct. 1, 2017, just three weeks after Hurricane Irma passed through.In Key West and nearby Stock Island, 92% of all properties are open. Elsewhere in the island chain, 76% are open in Key Largo, 63% in Marathon, 53% in Islamorada and 48% between the west end of the Seven Mile Bridge and Big Coppitt Key.“Lodging properties and other tourism facilities in the Keys have made an amazing rebound since last fall,” says Jim DeKeyrel, Director of Sales for the Florida Keys & Key West. “We’re seeing demand return, helped by cold temperatures in the north.”Here are the latest updates from the tourism boards:KEY LARGOOcean Pointe Suites is scheduled to reopen March 30 with a newly restored private beach and a new over-the-water gazebo.The Keys’ first adults-only, all-inclusive resort is to be unveiled this spring. The new Bungalows Key Largo is targeting a May opening with 135 units, two pools and several restaurants and bars.The former Hilton Key Largo is undergoing renovations to become the new 200-room Baker’s Cay Resort, a Curio Collection by Hilton, to open in the fall with 17,000 square feet of meeting space.More news:  GLP Worldwide introduces first-ever Wellness programsKEY WESTIn Key West, all properties except three are open. Havana Cabana Key West Hotel, the former Inn at Key West, is scheduled to open April 1. Parrot Key Resort is to reopen by June 1. Key West Bayside Inn & Suites is scheduled to open in the fall.ISLAMORADAIslamorada Resort Co.’s 63-unit Pelican Cove Resort is partially reopened with 42 units. Its 6-acre 54-unit La Siesta Resort & Marina also is open, although its five-bedroom house remains under renovation.Islamorada Resort Co.’s 150-unit Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina is scheduled to reopen in phases, beginning mid-April with 14 new cottages.The 27-acre, 214-unit oceanfront Cheeca Lodge Resort & Spa is to reopen March 30 for the Easter holiday weekend. Cheeca Lodge has undergone a US$20 million renovation.Chesapeake Resort has reopened 20 garden-view units and one pool. Its remaining 45 units and resort amenities, including beach accessibility, are to reopen by spring 2019.Islander Bayside Resort is open with 25 two-storey townhomes. Its 25-acre oceanside Islander Resort is to reopen this fall.MARATHONOn Duck Key, the 60-acre Hawks Cay Resort, a AAA Four Diamond Award–rated and Preferred Hotel Group Lifestyle Collection member, is to partially reopen March 16 with 100 villas and its Calm Waters Spa, Sunset Pool, Coral Cay kids’ activities center and Angler and Ale restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main hotel, with 177 guestrooms, will reopen this summer.More news:  Universal enhances popular Harry Potter vacation package with new perksIn Key Colony Beach, the Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort has reopened with 51 units.In Marathon, a new 80-room, full-service Hampton Inn Marathon is set to open in mid-May. Another property, being built oceanside near the Seven Mile Bridge, is to begin opening in 2019 with 199 rooms.LOWER KEYSBig Pine Key Fishing Lodge is open. On Little Torch Key, Parmer’s Resort has 43 (including 14 waterfront) units open, with only one remaining under reconstruction.The four-unit Deer Run Bed & Breakfast plans to reopen by summer. Off Little Torch Key, Little Palm Island is to remain closed until 2019.ATTRACTIONSAll major Florida Keys attractions are open. In Islamorada, Theater of the Sea, launched in 1946 and one of the world’s oldest marine mammal facilities, is open with a restored beach and gift shops. Ferry tours to the historic 5-acre Pigeon Key are operating, departing from the Hyatt Place’s marina at the Faro Blanco Lighthouse. On Pigeon Key, visitors can tour a former section gang quarters, former foreman’s dorm and historical museum. Fishing, snorkeling and diving charters are also operating. The latest resort updates from the Florida Keys post-Irma Posted bycenter_img Share Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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first_img Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo The Arizona Cardinals announced that Sunday’s game at University of Phoenix Stadium against the San Francisco 49ers is officially sold out.As such, the franchise’s sellout streak, which includes both preseason and postseason games, has reached 87 games. The mark dates back to August of 2006, when University of Phoenix Stadium first opened. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:05 p.m. Phoenix time on Sept. 21 and play-by-play with Dave Pasch and Ron Wolfley can be heard on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. Pregame coverage begins at 9:00 a.m.last_img read more